It is time for “Ghar Wapsi” of Former Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya ?

Indian fugitive ex-businessman and former Member of Parliament, Vijay Mallya may have his “Ghar Wapsi” very soon. He was denied permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against the order passed by UK High Court ruling to extradite him to India to face the fraud charges related to the unrecovered loans to his defunct airlines, Kingfisher.

Under the India-UK Extradition Treaty, the UK Home Office of minister, Priti Patel is now expected to formally certify the court order for Vijay Mallya to be extradited to India within 28 days. Earlier today, Vijay Mallya congratulating the Indian government for its economic package urged the government to unconditionally accept his offer of bank loan repayment and close the case against him. Taking to twitter, Mallya tweeted, “Congratulations to the Government for a Covid 19 relief package. They can print as much currency as they want BUT should a small contributor like me who offers 100% payback of State owned Bank loans be constantly ignored ? Please take my money unconditionally and close.”

India wants to bring back the 64-year-old businessman, who took over Rs 9,000 crore in loans for his airlines company Kingfisher from banks which the authorities argue he had no intention of repaying. However, Vijay Mallya denies the charges labelled against him. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have been pursuing Vijay Mallya’s extradition case since 2016 through a legal battle in the UK courts. He is out in bail since April 17 and on a bond of 650,000 pounds.

Mallya has on several occasions accused the Indian government of not willing to accept his repayment offer. He has also accused the present government of having a political vendetta against him. Liquor baron Mallya is expected to be brought back to India once the papers related his extradition are signed within 28 days

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