It is True! Maharashtra has added lesser Corona Cases than last week

So Finally some good news coming from Maharashtra

1.Maharashtra has slowed down the pace of New Corona Cases finally

Between 19th and 25th May, Maharashtra added 17609 Cases, this has slowed to 17346 Cases in last one week

In fact, it is 8 days since Maharashtra hit the all time high of 3041 Cases

2. Not Just New cases, Active cases added has also slowed down!

Between 19th and 25th May, active cases increased by 9814, this has slowed to 2357 cases in last one week (this is also due to change in discharge rules)

Is there any bad news?

1.Absolute number of deaths has gone up substantially!

Between 19th and 25th May, absolute number of deaths increased by 446, this has increased substantially to 667 deaths in last one week.

2. Testing has reduced!

Between 19th and 25th May, absolute number of tests done increased by 96748, this has slowed down in the last one week to 93159 tests

Looking at all the above data points, it is indeed true that Maharashtra has added fewer cases than last week but it has come on the back of lesser testing. The absolute number of deaths has also increased substantially. So it is not all good news!

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