Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Tracker

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Tracker

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating: The approval ratings of Justin Trudeau has been falling regularly and this is not turning out to be a good sign for the incumbent Liberal government.

Recently the Conservative Party of Canada elected its new leader, Pierre Poilievre. His rising popularity has become the talk of the town and it was due to his rising popularity that the Canadian Government under Justin Trudeau decided to reconsider COVID-19 restrictions.

Canada has had one of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions and this has affected the Approval Rating of Justin Trudeau badly.

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Tracker: Angus Reid Approval Rating

According to Angus Reid Approval Rating Tracker, the last time Justin Trudeau saw a positive approval rating was back in January 2021 when his approval rating was 50% and since then his approval rating has been on a decline. The lowest being during the 2021 election when his approval rating was 36% and his disapproval rating was 61%.

There has been hardly any improvement in the approval rating of Justin Trudeau since then. The latest one by Angus Reid is for the month of July 2022. His approval rating in July 2022 is 38% while the disapproval rating is 58%.

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Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Tracker: Abacus Data

As per the Abacus Data report of July 2022, only 33% of Canadians think the country is headed in the right direction. 34% approved of the government’s performance while 51% disapproved of the working of Justin Trudeau's government. This was the highest disapproval rating of the Trudeau government since it was elected in 2015 for the first time.

In the 2021 election, Justin Trudeau-led Liberal Party polled 32.6% vote share while the Conservative got 33.74% vote share. A recent poll carried out by Abacus Data after the new Conservative leader was elected found that the Conservatives are now ahead of Liberals by 5%. As per the poll, the support of Conservatives now stands at 34% while the support of Liberals has dropped to 29%.

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating: Video Tracker

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Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Tracker

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