Karnataka Political Crisis : Death of People’s Verdict?

Karnataka Political Crisis : Karnataka has been the political battle ground for BJP, Congress and JD(S) since the Assembly election of 2018. The election to 222 (224 total) assembly seats in May 2018 led to a hung assembly with BJP emerging as a single largest party. BJP was able to win 104 but failed to touch the majority mark of 112 seats. Congress on other hand was reduced to 80 assembly seats and H D Kumaraswamy’s JD(s) was able to win 37 assembly seats. However, to a surprise Congress and JD(s) came together and went ahead to form their government. H D Kumaraswamy took over the chair of Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Karnataka Political Crisis
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Since H D Kumaraswamy became the Chief Minister of Karnataka, his government has always been on the shaky ground. The pressure from its own alliance partner as well as fear of MLA’s deserting the coalition has always put the government on the brink of collapse. The recent event of more than 13 MLA’s of coalition resigning has put a question mark on the future of H D Kumaraswamy government. But what led to this uncertainty?

How Lok Sabha 2019 result Changed the Game?

The Lok Sabha 2019 result turned out to be a disaster for Congress-JD(s) alliance in Karnataka. Out of 28 Lok Sabha seats, Congress-JD(s) alliance won only 2 seats. To add to misery of the alliance, JD(s) chief, H D Deva Gowda and his grandson Nikhil Kumaraswamy lost from Tumkur and Mandya Lok Sabha seats respectively. BJP on the other hand won 25 Lok Sabha seats on its own. Since then speculations were high that BJP could form the government in Karnataka anytime either by creating a rift in the Congress-JD(s) alliance.

Politics after the Lok Sabha Result

In last few days, Karnataka politics has turned out to be a real “nataka”. Resort politics is back again in the state. Around 15 Congress-JD(s) MLA’s have tendered their resignation to the speaker and were flown to a 5 Star hotel in Mumbai. On the other hand, to accommodate the rebel MLA’s in Karnataka cabinet, entire state’s cabinet minister has resigned leaving the state entirely upon the CM Kumaraswamy. It must be noted that Karnataka has been suffering from drought and there has been massive rise in farmer suicide in the state. However, none of the political party, be it the ruling Congress-JD(s) alliance or the BJP is concerned about it. Their main priority is to remain in power even if they are to compromise with public affairs.

The coalition which has been in power for past 18 months has 118 MLA’s. Once the speaker accepts the resignation of the rebel MLA’s the government will be short of majority. BJP which claims to have to support of 107 MLA’s may be given an opportunity to form the government in the state. Karnataka crisis can be taken as an example of failure of Indian democracy. The law makers have simply made a joke of people’s verdict. Power and money have taken center stage and “Democratic Setup” of the nation has been put in a death bed.

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How is this going to affect the Future of Politics in India?

In May 2018, Karnataka did vote in favor of BJP, and wanted to oust the ruling Congress under the leadership of Siddaramaiah, out of power. However, BJP failed to attain majority and there-by an alliance referred as “unholy” by BJP was formed between Congress and Janata Dal Secular. Going against the mandate of the people Congress was back in power, this time with their guns on the shoulder on CM H D Kumaraswamy. For last 18 months the state of Karnataka has been reeling under the political uncertainty.  The so called “Operation Kamala” has always tried to create a chaos in the functioning of government in the state. Indirectly, Karnataka has sent a message to entire nation to vote in favor of a stable government instead of having an unstable coalition government.

Budget session of Karnataka assembly is to begin from 12th of July. However, the current political scenario seems to be completely unfavorable for the session to take place. Karnataka CM seems to seek postponement of the monsoon session. It is believed the current “nataka” in Karnataka is orchestrated by the former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah?Whosoever be behind this political crisis in the state, it is the common people, that is voters who is suffering.


Karnataka political crisis has led to a complete unrest in the lives of people of Karnataka. The law makers have created a joke out of democratic set up of the country. Be it Congress-JD(s) alliance, be it BJP or be it the independent MLA’s everyone have contributed to this political unrest in order to quench their thirst for power. The central leadership, sitting in Delhi are simply mute spectators. The state leaderships are passing the blame on each other. However, the common public, the voters are the ones who are suffering due to this “nataka” in Karnataka. Hopefully, the voters who refrained from voting in 2018 assembly election will come forward to vote if the state goes for election once again. It is the public whose votes decides the leader’s future.

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Title: Karnataka Political Crisis : Death of People’s Verdict?

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