Kerala Coronavirus News : By Decreasing the Tests Number is Kerala Hiding its Failure?

Kerala Coronavirus News : Kerala is the only state in India which has a Left government. Initially, the state as well as national media did not spare a minute to praise Kerala model and comparing it with other state models particularly Gujarat Model. However, none can ignore that fact that Kerala was able to control the spread of virus to a greater extent initially.

As per Government of India, COVID-19 official platform, Kerala has a total population of 3,51,25,000 (based upon 2019 Population report of NCP). The state has reported much lesser Coronavirus positive cases as compared to most of the states in India.

Till date Kerala has reported 78,073 Coronavirus cases (as on 3rd September). The state has only 28.1% of active cases that is 21,924 cases. But what is more alarming the way Kerala has decreased the number of Coronavirus sample tests as the cases began to rise.

Kerala Coronavirus News : Tests Conducted by Kerala

With population of 3,51,25,000 Kerala has conducted 17,24,658 sample test as of 3rd September which means for every 10 lakh people in Kerala, 49,101 samples were tested. In last one month that is from 3rd August to 3rd September Kerala has conducted 9,07,079 Coronavirus sample tests that is about 30,235 daily tests.

Now when we compare it with Gujarat which has 6,79,36,000 population, it has conducted 15,81,822 tests in last one month which brings the daily number of tests in last one month to 52,727 test per day. In total Gujarat has conducted 24,84,429 tests till now.

Kerala Coronavirus News
Kerala Coronavirus News

Now a question arises that Gujarat has higher population than Kerala so it is obvious to conduct more tests?

But what is alarming is spread of Virus that has taken place in Kerala in last one months.

By conducting 9,07,079 test in last one month, Kerala has added 52,161 new cases and Gujarat on the other hand has added 35,313. In both the aspects, the number of tests and number of cases, Kerala is under-performing not just against Gujarat but against majority of states in India.

Kerala Coronavirus News : How Media Ignores the Facts?

Right lady: UK magazine ‘Prospect’ names KK Shailaja as world’s ‘top thinker’ for COVID-19 : This was the news published in the New India Express on 3rd September. Despite adding 113% more number of cases in last one month, the media machinery has been put to task to glorify Kerala model.

In India the states of Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand have been performing exceptionally well in dealing with the Corona virus. However, there is least mention of model’s of these states in media.

Here it is not about demeaning the efforts of Kerala government in tackling Corona virus but it is about presenting the facts that will provoke the state government not just of Kerala but of any other India states to dedicate themselves to control the spread of virus in their respective states.

India is inching closer to 4 million cases and by Sunday or by Monday the total cases in India is expected to surpass the 4 million mark. However, the number of rising cases should not be a matter of concern, the most important thing is India’s recovery rate is best in world that is over 76% and fatality rate is just about 1.7%.

The fight against the invisible enemy, Coronavirus is far from over but with every passing day people have started to learn to live with the virus. Now as there is an ease in lockdown and most of the economic activities have resumed it becomes utmost important for the citizens to maintain utmost precaution the virus spread can be stopped.

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

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