Kerala COVID, District level Update: Capital in Trouble

Kerala COVID: District level update: Kerala reported its highest single day coronavirus case count of over 1.4k cases yesterday. The state that was doing relatively better, suddenly reported a surge in the cases. Kerala has 33,120 cases till date. Out of these 63% have been recovered. As many as 20,862 people have recovered and 12,109 are still undergoing treatment. 107 people have died due to the virus in the state. Kerala’s fatality rate is relatively lower than that of other states, at 0.3%. The state has 942.9 cases per million.

Kerala COVID: District level update

Kerala COVID: District level Cases update

This week the cases in the state grew by 4.8%. This rise in the cases in the state is worrisome, as Kerala had been leading a positive example in the state by successfully controlling the epidemic in the state. Kerala has a 3.5 crore population, and has conducted around 9,63,632 tests till date. Per million, as many as 27,434.4 samples have been tested in Kerala.

The districts which have the most active cases in the state are-

2,993- Thiruvananthapuram

1,172- Ernakulam

1,158- Malappuram

1,123- Kasaragod

1,068- Kozhikode

Thiruvananthapuram has the maximum cases in the state. The cases in this district is relatively higher than other districts in Kerala. Districts other than these five have fewer than a thousand cases

Kerala COVID: District level Deaths update

The district in the state which have the most deaths due to coronavirus are-

18- Thiruvananthapuram

15- Ernakulam

13- Kozhikode

11- Kasaragod

10- Kannur

The number of deaths in Kerala aren’t too high in number. The highest number of deaths in the state have been reported from the Thiruvananthapuram district. Other districts than these five have fewer than 5 deaths.

Kerala COVID: District level Recoveries update

The districts in the state which have the maximum recoveries are-

3,817- Thiruvananthapuram

1,925- Malappuram

1,607- Palakkad

1,557- Kollam

1,475- Ernakulam

Thiruvananthapuram might have the highest number of cases in the state, but a high recovery rate also indicates the stable condition of the district. A problem arises when the recoveries in the state or district are lower than the number of active cases.

Districts such as Kasaragod and Kozhikode are in the top five districts to have reported a high active case count, but their recovery rate isn’t as high. However, these two districts do have recoveries of over 1000, and relatively close to the number of recoveries in the top five districts, hence it isn’t an alarming situation in the state.

Kerala was also subjected to a brutal tragedy when the plane crashed in the Kozhikode district. A passenger was found to be coronavirus positive. The coronavirus positive person was one amongst the 18 that had died due to the crash.

This spike in cases in Kerala is worrisome, as the state hadn’t reported as many as 1.4k cases ever. It is hoped that this trend doesn’t continue, and the state again treads on the path of recovery soon.

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