Kerala : Five Reasons why Kerala is ahead of Rest of India?

Kerala, the God’s Own Country, is the most literate state in India. With population just over 3 crores as per 2011 Census, economy of Kerala is one of the affluent states in the country. Blessed with nature and its beauty, Kerala is always considered to be a model state among all the Indian states. Let us try to understand why Kerala is different from rest of India?

Why Kerala is ahead of Rest of India?

1. Parity between Rural and Urban: There is hardly a difference between rural and urban economy. Majority of Keralites travel everyday from their homes, which is technically “rural” to the urban areas. In terms of facilities and services, the two economic geographies are competitive and at par. 

2. Open agri-market: If you are a farmer, you are free to sell your produce anywhere. No middle-men, no government agency. Just you and the buyer. Especially with cash crops being the staple produce, farmers are the richest lot among people in the state. For a family to sustain with all basic minimum needs, in many cases, less than an acre is what is required. Though this also means, the risk is equally shared by the producer and consumer.

3. Government backed health and education: Government schools are a rage in the state. Recent data also suggests more students are enrolling themselves in govt schools vs private schools. Health though continues to be a tough fight between private hospitals led by certain lobbies in every circle, but it has ensured, there is uniform and adequate health facility available for every citizen, across income groups.

4. Direct to home: While Amazon and Flipkart may have captured the imagination of most people in the last decade, home delivery and door-to-door grocery has been a part of the economy in Kerala for decades. Earlier it was only for daily produce like Fish and vegetables. In the last decade, almost every household good is available at your doorstep. By all probability, you would have a couple of visiting representatives at your home for some sort of product everyday.

5. Penetration of banking: Gold loan as a product is the brainchild of Keralites love for the yellow metal. The metal has held them strong through the thick and thin.  But the entire banking sector in the state is highly advanced. South Indian Bank, Federal Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, SAF Small Finance and Dhanalakshmi Bank are some of the pan-India recognized names, with their origins from Kerala. Banking has been an integral part of the state of Kerala for centuries. Similarly, other financial institutions like Muthoot and Manappuram built their business on the single idea of gold loan and have become formidable franchisees. In terms of penetration, these institutions have some unique relationship features in Kerala. Most relationships are personal and very closely knit.

The above five reason are enough to say why Kerala is different and developed than rest of India. Be it in Human Development Index or literacy, Kerala is always ahead of other states of the country. Kerala, is infact a state that rest of India should copy to further progress.

Kerala : Five Reasons why Kerala is ahead of Rest of India?

Ashish K Nainan

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