Kerala vs Karnataka, Which State has handled Corona better?

Kerala vs Karnataka, Which State has handled Corona better?

There are a lot of arguments on which state is handling Corona better. Overall, there is a consensus that 3 states are doing a poor job – Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. However, there is still no clarity on which States are doing the best. Yesterday, we did a head to head analysis between AP and UP and found AP to have done better. Today we do a head to head between Kerala and Karnataka. As usual, we look at 4 metrics.

1.Cases Per Million

Karnataka: 112 per million

Kerala: 72 per million

Kerala Wins

2.Deaths Per 1000 Cases

Karnataka: 12 per 1000 cases

Kerala: 8.3 per 1000 cases

Kerala Wins

3. Deaths per Million

Karnataka: 1.3 per Million Citizens

Kerala: 0.6 per Million Citizens

Kerala Wins

4. Test per Million

Karnataka: 7144 per Million Citizens

Kerala: 4337 per Million Citizens

Karnataka Wins

Once we adjust for testing, Karnataka does better than Kerala on Cases as well. Karnataka has done a better job overall of testing and managing cases. Kerala has done better on managing deaths. Overall, we could say Kerala vs Karnataka ends in a tie.

Caveats: Population figures are from 2011. All big metros have struggled sans Bangalore. We have not given the benefit of this to Karnataka because Kerala is heavily urbanised