Latest News from Rajasthan: Congress slows closer to Poll but still ahead

The latest Opinions from the Rajasthan election show the Congress party momentum has slowed a bit. However, the party maintains a substantial lead even now. You too can predict the Rajathan Assembly Election 2018 here

The Current prediction for Congress is 99 and BJP is 84. This is the same as it was one week ago


Opinions from Rajasthan


एन्टी इंकंबेंसी,सरकार का खराब प्रदर्शन,जनरल कास्ट की अनदेखी

वर्तमान राजनितीक व धरातलिय समीकरण और सीटो का बटवारा भी अहम भुमिका निभायेगा…..

मोदी फेक्टर,,एवं कांग्रेस में नेतृत्व विहीनता

मुझे सरकार के खिलाफ कोई सत्ता विरोधी लहार नही महसूस होती और मेरे अनुमान से rumour और media hype है मेरा अनुमान राजस्थान के बारे में ऐसा है कि यहां लोग बात जहां बनने की दिखती है वही रहते है

Vasundhara Aur Jatigat samikaran ke karan bjp sarkar nhi banayrge

1.कांग्रेस का 36 कोमो को साथ लेकर चलना 2. बीजेपी द्वारा जातिवाद कार्ड खेलना जो राज. में नुकसान दायक साबित होगा।

rajasthan ke vartman halat or pichali govt ki na kaami or berojgari or karmchariyo ka govt ke prti gussssaaa

भाजपा ने काम तो किया है लेकिन वर्तमान सरकार मतदाताओं का विश्वास हासिल नही कर पाई..दूसरा कारण राजस्थान की जनता परिवर्तन की लहर चाहती है

कोई विशेष नही, जितनी भाजपा कमजोर थी, कॉंग्रेस बिखरी हुई है

बीजेपी कि पांच साल में कोई विकास कार्य नहीं हुए व एन्टीइनकम्बसी व sc st act फैक्टर


Two major trends have occurred over the last 2 days which is very similar to what we saw in all the other 3 States. A suddenly silence amongst Congress supporters and a surge in opinion amongst BJP supporters. The biggest difference between BJP supporters in Rajasthan versus both Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh is that while the BJP supporter in MP and Chhattisgarh confidently articulates why their party will win, the BJP supporter is completely banking on extranous factors – PM Modi and the problems in Congress party. In that sense, the messaging within the BJP as to what they have done in Rajasthan is not very strong. The Congress on the other hand which was quite clear about why they would win the election have become less confident now. How this will play out is difficult to say but Modi will definitely play a critical role at the fag end of the election.

Google Trends

The latest news from Google Trends on the Rajasthan election continues to show a similar trend, there was big bounce in the last one week and then a fall after candidate announcement was made. It needs to be seen how things change once Modi starts to campaign


Overall, candidate announcements by Congress have made the Rajasthan election  interesting. Modi is a big factor here and that will have an impact for sure closer to the election. However, anti-incumbency is also a factor and it remains to be seen how all these play out over the next 3 days