Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds

The defending champions Liverpool is slated to win the upcoming clash against Leicester City as per the latest Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting odds. Looking at the players stats Liverpool has a very strong attack but Leicester City lead in both mid-field and defense. Crowdwisdom360 predicts win for Leicester City in this game.

Leicester City is set to face the defending champions Liverpool in an all-important clash on 13th February at the King Power stadium.

 Leicester City put up a strong performance against Wolves in their last outing but managed just one point, denying them the 2nd spot in the table. On the other hand, Liverpool looked devastated by the relentless Manchester City attack where they conceded on four occasions, thanks to Alisson’s off day.

Despite that loss, Liverpool is tipped to win this battle, according to football pundits and the betting platforms.

Liverpool have lost back to back 2 games and in last 5 EPL games, they have lost 3 and won 2 while Leicester City have one defeat to their name in last 5 games. They have won two and drew on two occasions. They are currently 3 points ahead of Liverpool in points table.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting odds

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds : Head-to-head:

Matches: 23: Leicester: Liverpool: 14 Draw: 4

Last 5 meetings: Liverpool – 4, Leicester – 0, Draw – 1.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Offensive and defensive stats


The Leicester attack will be led by England striker Jamie Vardy who has scored 13 goals and assisted on 5 occasions so far this season. He is expected to return to the eleven and is looking for scoring opportunities who has been given a rating of 7.15 in this season.

James Maddison has returned to form with 9 goals and 6 assists in 28 games for the side and will be a key candidate in creating chances against the Blues.

Harvey Barnes has given clinical performances in the recent games with 11 goals and 3 assists but will have to create more scoring opportunities for the team to come out on top.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds

For Liverpool, Sadio Mane has been sharp and the game changer for the team since his inception. He has 13 goals and 4 assists in 36 matches along with 77.1% pass success and 2.7 shots per game.

Their prime striker Mo Salah has 22 goals and 4 assists in 34 games with 82.3% pass accuracy. He has a superior rating of 7.18 in this season.

Roberto Firmino has been amazing in the previous games with 8 goals and 4 assists so far and is someone who is versatile playing at different positions for the side. In addition to his goals and assists, he has 80% pass accuracy and creates 2 shots on target.

Liverpool is ahead.


Youri Tielemans strengths include dribbling, long shots along with providing vital contribution in terms of defense. He has scored 8 goals and has assisted on 2 occasions so far along with a rating of 7.06.

Hamza Choudhury has also been an important candidate in the lineup with decent numbers. He has 1 goal with a passing rate of 83.6% in addition to 1.2 tackles per game.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds

Wijnaldum is an integral part of Liverpool’s midfield with the manager Klopp backing him well. He has a rating of 6.75 and has created 0.7 key passes in every game so far.

Thiago Alcantara is a versatile candidate who has mastered passing, tackling and dribbling. He has 90.2% pass success along with 1.2 aerial duels won during the period. He has also accounted to 2.3 tackles and 1.6 interceptions in every outing.  

Leicester City is ahead.


Leicester’s defense played a fine role in keeping the Wolves’ attack at bay without conceding last weekend.

Soyuncu has 86.8% pass success along with 0.6 tackles per game, 0.9 interceptions per game and 2.4 clears per game which makes him a perfect match for the full center back.

Jonny Evans returning to the side made a huge difference as it was highly evident in the final result. The star defender has a rating of 6.85 in 26 games.

James Justin strength is to tackle consistently and clears the ball instantly. He has incredible numbers and is rated close to 7 in this season.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds

The Liverpool defense was caught napping against City as they conceded 4 times at Anfield.

Andrew Robertson will most probably play as the left back defender for the team who holds on to the ball pretty well and frustrates the opponent’s attack. He has 83.3% pass completion rate along with a goal, 5 assists and 1.4 clears in the last 37 appearances.

Fabinho’s strengths include passing, tackling and taking long shots. He has 91.2% pass accuracy along with 1.8 aerial duels won on an average in 29 games.

Trent Alexander is incredibly good in crosses along with sharp passing skills. He has 77.5% success in passes, 1.2 tackles won per game and a rating of 6.77 this season.

Leicester City is ahead.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Recent form

Leicester City are considered to be one of the title contenders but have faded away in certain important phases so far. Even though have managed to win 10 games out of 17, it seems like the team runs out of gas in certain games.

The one thing that has worked in their favor is that they have been the dominated top sides like Manchester City, Spurs and Manchester United that will naturally help them when they face another big team like Liverpool. In their last appearance, they had to settle for a draw against Wolves helping them remain in 3rd position.

Liverpool who was looking invincible after that defeat to Aston Villa have suddenly dug themselves a hole with a series of underwhelming performances.

It all started after that win against Crystal Palace. They were forced to draw against West Brom and Newcastle. In their next outing, they were taken down by Southampton which was followed up by an unexpected defeat to Burnley.

Despite posting an important win against Spurs, they suffered shocking losses to Brighton and Man City in the last two games. They are currently reeling under pressure in 4th place with 11 wins, 7 draws and 5 losses so far.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Predicted winner

The betting platforms and prediction experts are expecting Liverpool to come on top with the home team having a significant chance going into the clash.

According to FCTables, it has given 45% chance of victory to Liverpool whereas Leicester has got 27% chance to grab three points. Oddschecker who are known for giving the best odds have also suggested Reds to be in the driver seat at 8/7 whereas the hosts are far behind at 27/10.

Another platform FiveThirtyEight have gone on to give 45% chance for the Reds whereas their rivals have a formidable chance of 30% in this battle.

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