Lockdown 4.0 Begins Today: Check what Opens Up and what remains Closed?

Lockdown 4.0 Begins Today: Check what Opens Up and what remains Closed?
What will PM Modi talk about in Today's Address to Nation?

With the onset of the CORONAVIRUS crisis, the country’s normal lifestyle had come to an halt, as a nation-wide lockdown was implemented. With every phase of the lockdown, gradual ease was provided. Now as the nation enters in fourth phase of the lockdown, the centre has significantly eased the rules for the country.

Market places and shops have been given a green signal and can be reopened. Inter-state and Intra-state movement of all medical professionals and ambulances without restriction is also allowed. In addition to this, another step has been taken to provide a boost to the economy, which is the removal of the 33% staffing restriction for businesses. In place of the staffing restriction, social distancing will be practiced.  Restaurants too suffered a major set back in business due to the nation-wide lockdown, but from now onwards, they can operate their kitchens for home delivery.

The whole country has been divided into three zones, namely, red, orange and green in Lockdown 3.0. However, this time states have been given power to decide upon listing the regions under the zones. Centre however framed few rules for the respective zones. Lockdown 4.0 permits the red zone to operate normally from now on, with allowance being given to reopen market-places, salons and barbershops. However, all of these activities can only be done during specific hours of the day, and social distancing will have to be maintained. Taxis, e- rickshaws will no longer be prevented entry in the red zones.

Movement and activities have been restricted all around the country and can only be allowed during a period of twelve hours, from 7am to 7pm.

All educational institutions such as schools and colleges will remained shut. Restaurants, hotels, malls, theatres, swimming pools and gyms too haven’t yet received the green light for functioning. No political, social or religious gatherings allowed. Air travel, domestic and international also at a halt for the time being. In addition to this, senior citizens, children under the age of 10 and pregnant women are to stay at home.

Centre provided a much needed relaxation in Lockdown 4.0. It will certainly help small businesses and the economy. But is the decision to allow proper functioning in the red zones right? The government’s decision regarding the red zone is questionable, it is yet to be known what outcomes it will have in the coming days. These are testing times for the county, and only time will tell how much we succeed by maintaining social distancing and by adhering to the guidelines.

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