Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Who will win the Louisiana Governor Race?

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Who will win the Louisiana Governor Race?

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: No polls have been conducted for the upcoming Louisiana Governor election.

Despite the increasing anti-incumbency against the Democratic Party, the Republican Party could not perform as they were expected to perform. losing the gubernatorial election in Arizona, one of the strongholds of the Republican Party was a major setback for the Republican Party.

Heading to the 2024 Presidential election, the upcoming elections in 2023 will be a very crucial one. If Republicans are able to retake Louisiana and a few other states going into an election in 2023, their 2024 chances could improve.

The state of Louisiana will vote to elect its new Governor on October 14th, 2023. The Incumbent governor of Louisiana, Democrat John Bel Edwards is term-limited and won’t be contesting the upcoming election.

Louisiana Governor Polls: Election Format

Louisiana is one of the few states in the United States where the elections are held in a completely different format than the Federal election. In Louisiana to elect a Governor the election method known as Jungle Primary is followed. In this format, all the candidates, respective of their party affiliation are listed on the same ballot.

Added to it, voters may vote for any candidate, regardless of their party affiliation. The candidate who gets 50% of the total votes polled is declared the winner. However, if none of the candidates succeeded in getting the required vote share, a run-off election is held between the top two candidates.

The candidate with the highest vote share in the run-off election is elected as the Governor of Louisiana.

Louisiana Governor Polls: What Happened in the Last Election?

The last Louisiana Governor election was held in 2019. Incumbent Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards ran for his re-election. The jungle Primary election was held on October 12, 2019. None of the candidates got the required vote share and a run-off was held on November 16, 2019.

The top two candidates in the run-off were incumbent Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards and the Republican Eddie Rispone. John Del Edwards won his reelection and became the first Democratic Governor of Louisiana to win re-election to a second consecutive term in 44 years. The last time a Democrat was reelected was back in the year 1975 when Edwin Edwards won his reelection.

The 2019 Louisiana Governor election was one of the closest Governor elections in Louisiana.

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Final Vote Share: John Bel Edwards: 51.3% Eddie Rispone: 48.7%

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Candidates

Democratic Party

  • Shawn Wilson, Louisiana Secretary of Transportation

Republican Party

  • Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General
  • Billy Nungesser, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Latest Polls

No polls have been conducted for the upcoming Louisiana Governor election. The full list of candidates is yet to be declared. More candidates will turn up to contest the upcoming Louisiana election.

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Google Search Volume

Republican Party

  • Jeff Landry: 50%
  • Billy Nungesser: 50%

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Social Media Sentiments

Republican Party

  • Jeff Landry: -8%
  • Billy Nungesser: -14.3%

Louisiana Governor Polls 2023: Demographics

Louisiana is situated in the southern part of the US. The state is mainly known for its history and culture for New Orleans. The Capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge. The State has shown steady growth for the past few years.

Louisiana is the 31st largest state in the country in terms of pure land. New Orleans is the largest city in the state and the population is estimated at 1.2 million people.

As per the statistics, Louisiana is the 24th most densely populated state in the entire USA. The median age people in the state is 36 years of age. The majority of the population is females at 51% and males population with 49%.

  • White: 61.2%
  • Black: 32.1%
  • Two or more races: 2.69%
  • Asian: 1.73%
  • Other Races: 1.56%
  • Native American: 0.56%
Louisiana Governor Polls 2023
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