Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus : Indore the most Affected District in State

Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus : Madhya Pradesh is one of the states that still has its cases under the 50,000 mark. The number of confirmed cases in Madhya Pradesh is at 42,618. With a population of over 8 crores MP is one of the largest states in the country, so keeping that in mind, these numbers can be considered as low. Now, let’s take a look a closer look at Madhya Pradesh and see which districts in the state are the worst affected. 

Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus
Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus

Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus : District with most Number of Cases

Madhya Pradesh has an active case count of 9,718. The chief minister of state Shivraj Singh Chouhan tested positive for Covid and the new BJP government in the state has been very careful about lifting restriction in the state, in terms of social distancing to curb the increase in the number of active cases. The districts that has reported most number of cases till date are:

9,257 Indore

8,071 Bhopal

3,176 Gwalior

2,062 Jabalpur

1,847 Morena

Indore is one of the biggest districts in the state, is the worst hit, it is followed closely by Bhopal, but both show nos. below 10,000. There is an immediate need to increase the testing to show a more accurate picture of the state.

Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus : Recovery Rate by District

6,178 Bhopal

6,166 Indore

2,465 Gwalior

1,661 Morena

1,406 Jabalpur

The recovery rate of Madhya Pradesh stands at an impressive 74.7% which is more than the national average of 71.17%.

Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus : Test Rate by District

1,70,000 Indore

1,50,000 Bhopal

67,500 Gwalior

53,200 Ujjain

41,500 Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh has conducted less than a million tests in the state, its current testing number stands at 9,72,046. The testing rate of Madhya Pradesh is 11,821, which means that For every 10 lakh people in Madhya Pradesh, 11,821 samples were tested. 

Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus : Deaths by District

The total no. of death in the state stands a little more than 1,000, with the current nos. at 1065. Let’s take a look at the districts that are the worst hit. 

340 Indore

236 Bhopal

75 Ujjain

44 Jabalpur

38 Sagar

It is encouraging to see that the number of death in different districts in the state, is less than 100, barring that of Indore and Bhopal. The fatality rate in the state currently stands at 2.5% and the chief minister who recently recovered from the virus himself has vowed to bring down the fatality rate even further. He additionally stated that health check-ups related to corona should be conducted compulsorily in all jails of the state.

With efforts like these, Madhya Pradesh has a good chance ridding itself of the virus.

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