Maharashtra Coronavirus Update : State Records nearly 10K Daily Cases

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update : With the end of day on 19th July a new record was created in India in terms of number of Coronavirus cases. The nation now registered for the time over 40,000 cases. On Sunday, India crossed 11,00,000 cases. When most of the nations around the world have flattened the Coronavirus curve, India seems to fail. Imposing a complete lockdown again don’t seem an option. However, the increase in number of cases can be attributed to increase in number of daily number of tests which has now crossed over 3.5 lakhs on average on daily basis.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update
Maharashtra Coronavirus Update

On Sunday, Maharashtra as usual was the state registering highest number of cases. But what is matter of concern is that number of cases are rising exponentially in the state. By end of Sunday, the state tally for the day was 9518, a new record for the state. Three districts of Maharashtra is widely affected, Mumbai, Pune and Thane. Mumbai which used to lead in the state have started slowing down but concern lies in Pune and Thane. Both the districts are showing similar trend that Mumbai was showing initially. Out of total cases in Maharastra, Pune and Thane contributed more than 50% of cases on Sunday. Pune recorded 3049 and Thane 1822 cases.

The average growth rate in Maharashtra in last one week remained 3% while mortality rate remained 3.82%. Maharashtra has so far carried out 15,68,229 test which is around 12,838 tests per million population as of 19th July. The recovery rate in state is around 55% which is one of the lowest in the country. In Maharashtra as of now 1,69,569 patients have recovered, however the total number of active cases still remains to be over 1,29,000 which is more than the number of cases reported by almost all individual states barring Tamil Nadu.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update : Mumbai Recovers while Rest Falter

Mumbai still remains the district with highest number of cases reported till date. But to a surprise, Mumbai now has only 23,697 active case of of 19th July while Thane and Pune which has lower number of reported cases than Mumbai has more number of active cases as of 19th July. Thane has 38,388 active cases while Pune has 33,748 active cases. The data clearly indicates that Mumbai is healing but the surrounding districts are on their path to match up what Mumbai was going through initially. The top five district with active cases in Maharashtra are Thane, Pune, Mumbai, Palghar and Raigad.

Recently Maharashtra state textile minister Aslam Shaikh tested positive for coronavirus and is isolating himself. It took only six days for the state to record around 50,000 cases.

The condition of state is deteriorating everyday. However, the state government is trying every effort to curb the spread of virus. In Mumbai the state government has been somewhat successful and hopefully the virus will be brought under control in other parts of state before a vaccine is discovered.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update : State Records nearly 10K Daily Cases

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