Maharashtra COVID-19 Update : Finally Mumbai is Recovering

Maharashtra COVID-19 Update : Once the Coronavirus Capital of India, Mumbai is healing. The cases in the city is gradually declining. Despite the staggering high number of cases being reported in Maharashtra, Mumbai however has witnessed a slight dip in the number of daily registered infections.

The state capital reported less than 1000 cases on 21st July. This is the 5th time in July that Mumbai has reported less than 1000 cases. The number of infections reported yesterday in Mumbai were 992.

Maharashtra COVID-19 Update : How Mumbai is managing to Recover?

Mumbai has around 1,03,368 cases as of now, and is one of the few cities to have crossed the one-lakh mark. The number of deaths caused due to the virus yesterday was 62. The total number of deaths caused due to the virus in Mumbai is 5,814.

The lowest Coronavirus case reported from Mumbai was on July 7th. Only 795 cases were reported on that day. Gradually the city is recovering. Not just the cases, the containment zones in the city have also decreased. The number of containment zones in the city at present stands at 667 down from previous 747 zones.

The recovery rate in Mumbai at present stands 71%. The doubling rate in the city has also improved. Now the doubling rate stands at 57 days. The BMC has stated that the condition of Mumbai is stable, and under control. The BMC has also stated that around 6000-7000 tests are being conducted in the area each day. It is a relief to see the number of daily reported cases falling behind the grim 1,500 mark it used to overtake earlier.

The focus of BMC remained slum areas, where the possibility of mass spreading is extremely high due to the high population density and lack of hygiene. With the onset of the monsoon season in the state, many diseases and infections are on the rise, hence it is even more pertinent to control the spread of the virus so as to not overburden the healthcare system.

Maharashtra COVID-19 Update : What is now worrying Maharashtra?

Maharashtra on the other hand has been reporting more than 8000 cases for consecutive 8 days in a row. Maharashtra has been leading the way with record high surges in the number of coronavirus cases. Maharashtra has over 3,27,031 registered coronavirus cases. The number of active cases in the state are 1,32,236. With over 246 deaths reported in the past 24 hours, Maharashtra’s total death tally stands at 12,276. Around 1,82,217 people have been cured of the disease.

Though Mumbai is recovering, the sad state of Maharashtra is that, the districts of Thane and Pune are on their path of what Mumbai was a 15-20 days back. Thane as of now has reported 78,132 cases while Pune has reported 59,745 cases. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region breached the 2-lakh mark yesterday. The MMR includes Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, and Navi Mumbai. While Mumbai accounts for over one-lakh cases, the rest of them came from the other MMR areas.

Mumbai and Delhi have had a parallel journey with coronavirus. The unexpected boom of cases was observed in both, and now a simultaneous decline trend is also being witnessed. Many have been speculating whether both have crossed their peak, and if they’re on the way to recovery. It can be very well possible.

Adequate testing, and following the protocols can help the areas to curb the coronavirus. Also, herd immunity can also help prevent further spread of the virus, as maximum will develop antibodies after exposure to the virus.

Maharashtra COVID-19 Update : Finally Mumbai is Recovering

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