Mayawati fine with BJP on China Issue

Former CM and BSP Supremo Mayawati announced that her party was with BJP on India China Border issue

She also mentioned that BJP and Congress should stop levelling accusations at this point in time given the crisis at the border. She also criticised the Central Government on the issue of Fuel Prices.

Mayawati rarely supports Congress party stands these days

Mayawati attacks Congress, here is why?

This is not the first time Mayawati has taken a stand opposite to the Congress party. Read our article last month on why Mayawati repeatedly attacks Congress party.

  1. Congress hurts BSP in UP: Let us go back to the 2019 elections for a moment. BSP won 10 Seats and BJP won 62 ,BSP could have ended with 15 seats if the congress had not played spoilsport. In other words, in the next Assembly election, whether BSP can beat BJP or not, it is certain to lose votes and seats to Congress.
  2. Now, let us look at latest data from Google Trends, BSP vs Congress in Uttar Pradesh, Congress is inching up BSP
  3. Mayawati’s electoral performance in the last 4 elections in UP has been deteriorating, 2012: 25.9%, 2014: 19.8% 2017: 22.4%, 2019: 19.4%. Congress is the only party that competes with her on both Dalit and Muslim votes.

So while the Congress is in no position to win many seats in UP, it is most likely to damage the BSP more than any other party in Uttar Pradesh. A seasoned politician like Mayawati clearly understands that.

Why did Mayawati say she is with BJP on China border issue?

Look at her tweet after Pulwama and before India’s counter attack at Balakot

Starting end of February, PM Modi rode on a wave on top of the Balakot attacks and swept the 2019 election. Mayawati does not want to make the same mistake again. By saying she is with the BJP she is giving herself options to attack the ‘incompetence’ of the BJP if anything goes really wrong. And if things go really well, she can always say she had supported the BJP. In simple words, by supporting the BJP, she is giving herself more flexibility later. The real risk is in alienating Muslim vote but for her, the loss in nationalist dalit vote is a much bigger risk at the moment. There may be other reasons like CBI etc but this stance on China is a politically sophisticated stance and nothing deeper (like an alliance with BJP) should be read into it.

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