Maharashtra : Mumbai COVID Situation finally on path of Recovery

Mumbai COVID Situation Finally on path of Recovery : Metropolitan cities are breathing a sigh of relief these days as the positivity rate has started to decline. Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, which were once emerging hotspots, are now on the road to recovery. Increased testing, following proper precautionary methods, and adhering to the government guidelines are the main contributors to this declining trend. Further, it is increasingly likely that a large number of citizens are already infected therefore providing some level of herd immunity.

Despite accounting for more than one-fourth of the coronavirus cases in the state, which has reported as many as 4.5 lakh cases until now, Mumbai COVID situation is finally on the road to recovery.

Maharashtra has retained its position as the worst affected coronavirus state in the country, but despite this surge witnessed every day, Mumbai has been slowly healing. The growth rate of coronavirus cases in the state has been brought down, and is now lesser than one percent.

The Mission Begin Again has been set into motion, and new guidelines and relaxations are being provided. But the difference between relaxation and laxity is a slippery road, and the latter could prove to be disastrous. 

Mumbai COVID Situation: The Statistics

Mumbai has an impressive recovery rate of over 76%. The city has been reporting lesser than 1000 cases these days, following the same trend as Delhi. This helps the recovery rate go up, and provides much needed relief to the overburdened healthcare infrastructure.

Also, with the onset of monsoon, increased number of non-covid infections and ailments require the need for a robust healthcare system.

The doubling rate of the state has also gone up to 76 days in the city. This is a significant improvement since the doubling rate of the virus in Mumbai in May was less than 15 days.

Mumbai has just over 20,000 active cases in the city. The Growth rate at 0.92% is lower than 1%.

However, even the slightest of carelessness can bring Mumbai back to square one, with an outburst of coronavirus cases, and an overburdened healthcare system.

Mumbai has 1,17,406 cases and 6,493 deaths, which is a lot more than the total number of cases reported by many states of India.

August 5th onwards, certain relaxations will be provided in the city, after an extended period of lockdown and stringent rules. Shops, Malls, liquor stores will now be open from 5th August onwards. Food courts and theaters will still remain closed. The timing for the shops and stores is set from 9 am to 7 pm.

However, the store owners and customers will have to follow the government issued protocols and wear masks, maintain social distancing. In case of violation of any regulation, an FIR can be filed against the violator. Herd immunity might be far away and with the relaxations in the lockdown guidelines, it is imperative for each and every individual to follow and adhere to the guidelines. In the end looking the data it is clear the financial capital of India ” Mumbai COVID situation may be finally in the path of Recovery “.

Mumbai COVID situation has improved significantly

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