PM Narendra Modi: Soldiers died defending buffer zone

PM Narendra Modi has clarified that no land or post was lost to China and that soldiers died defending a zone that was earlier not contested by either countries.

In what must be a huge relief to many, India has lost no territory or posts to China in the recent clash in Ladakh. Many commentators on social media have interpreted this as India having challenged China in a previous uncontested zone which led to the clash that led to 20 soldiers dead. PM Narendra Modi also mentioned that with improved infrastructure and equipment Indian troops were increasingly challenging the PLA leading to these clashes and that India will not back down from challenging China again in case they violate the LAC.

Narendra Modi praised the valour of our soldiers

With the PM’s statement this issue comes to an end and India and China can go back to focussing on other issues at hand.

Please watch PM Narendra Modi’s remarks to the all party event yesterday

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