National Sero Survey : 69% of Rural Population Infected with Coronavirus

National Sero Survey : The first National Survey conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) found out that 64.4% of Rural population of India has already been infected by Coronavirus.

 The report was published in Indian Journal of Medical Research and the survey was conducted between May 11 and June 4 in 21 states.  A total of 30,283 households were visited and 28,000 individuals were enrolled and were tested for IgG antibodies.

National Sero Survey : Findings of the Survey

The survey results showed that in rural areas or to be specific in villages, the Sero positivity rate was the highest at 69.4 percent, whilein urban slums it was 15.9 percent and 14.6 percent in urban non-slums.

The survey result also pointed that the positivity was highest among the people in age group 18–45 years  that is 43.3% and lowest among those aged 46–60 years or higher that is 39.5.

As per the survey, by early May India was supposed to have over 6 million coronavirus positive cases that is a total of 64,68,388 among the adult population. The report read, “The findings of our survey indicated that the overall seroprevalence in India was low, with less than one per cent of the adult population exposed to SARS-CoV-2 by mid-May 2020.”

National Sero Survey : Current Coronavirus Stats

Though India has reported much lesser number of positive cases as per the findings of Sero Report but we are not far away from attaining the milestone of May in September. India has now started reporting over 90,000 cases in day. Many have attributed the increase number of cases to the increase in number of sample tests. However, countries around the world have already started to flatten the COVID-19 curve but India is still stuggling.

As per data of 11th September, India has reported 45,66,726 positive cases of Coronavirus with 76,336 deaths.

As of now, India has 9,47,179 active cases and 35,42,569 have already recovered.

As of 10th September, 5,40,97,975 tests have been conducted all over the country and the test positivity ratio of India stands at 8.4% as of now.

The only thing that can be appreciated about India’s fight against Coronavirus is the recovery rate which is the highest in the world and the fatality rate which is one of the lowest in the world. Coronavirus recovery rate in India stands at 77.6% and fatality rate stands at 1.7%.

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