No CBSE CISCE Exams this Year : Parents Demand Home Ministry

Many parents have filed a petition in the Supreme Court, demanding exams this year’s board exams to be cancelled.

The hashtags #Studentlivesmatter, #livesoverexams are trending all around twitter as parents have come together to demand that CBSE and CICSE cancel their board exams, which are to be conducted from July 1. The sky-high number of cases being reported every day is a major cause of worry amongst parents of students whose exams are due next month. They have expressed their incredulity regarding the decision of conducting board exams while the situation of the country remains grim as there is no sign of the virus slowing down its transmission.

Instead of making students write the exams, the parents demand that their result be calculated on the basis of other subject’s average, or on the basis of their internal assessment.

People have expressed their concern over many problems that may arise if the exams do take place. Many have lost their jobs, and many are not able to earn much due to the economic meltdown. If their child gets infected, they do not have the means to get themselves treated at any hospital as the medical bills are extremely inflated and daunting. The Home Ministry however remains confident in their organization and ability to conduct their exams. The Home Ministry says, “Wearing of face masks by teachers, staff and students will be mandatory. There shall be provisions of thermal screening and sanitizer at the centres and social distancing rules will have to be followed at exam centres. Special buses may be arranged by states and UTs for transportation of students to exam centres.”. They have also given students the freedom to change their exam district or state.

The competitive exams like NEET and JEE-Mains too are to be conducted in July this year.

Parents are outraged and they demand their child’s life not to be put at risk by making them write exams during a time when coronavirus is spreading like fire. The condition of the country isn’t improving any time soon. The limited number of testing and the sky-high medical bills, plus the unavailability of beds in the hospital are red flags which the decision-makers are ignoring. The Home Ministry thinks it is a safe idea, and proper social distancing and sanitization will be able to control the virus from spreading. But this was the plan the Government had while unlocking the lockdown which evidently failed miserably as the country has been reporting around 12k cases per day, despite poor testing rates.