Good News : More than One Million Coronavirus Recoveries in India

One Million Coronavirus Recoveries : Despite witnessing such a huge spike in the number of coronavirus cases in India, which have exceeded 1.5 million, the condition of India isn’t as dire as one would think of it to be. While there is no denying the fact that the cases have exponentially grown these past few months, and are continuing to do so, there has also been a major increase in the number of recoveries. More than one million coronavirus recoveries have been registered in India till date.

The number of recoveries has crossed the 1 million mark just a few days after number of cases leaped the bounds of a million. India’s recovery rate has now gone up to 64.5%. The recovery rate will take time to jump high, as the number of cases per day have drastically increased. While the recovery rate is above the active ratio it still will take a lot of time to get the state back into control.

One Million Coronavirus Recoveries
One Million Coronavirus Recoveries

The states with the highest number of recoveries are-

Maharashtra- 2,39,755

Tamil Nadu- 1,72,883

Delhi- 1,18,633

The recovery number in these states are also high because they have the maximum number of reported cases.

Other states which have a great recovery rate are: Telangana (73.4%), Gujarat (73.2%), Rajasthan (70.7%), Assam (76.7%), Haryana (78.6%), Madhya Pradesh (69.5%), Ladakh (80.2%).

The majority of India’s cases are being reported from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and other south Indian states. These have a really high average daily growth rate and the number of reported cases per day are exceeding each passing day.

The country reported more than 50,000 cases in the last 24 hours. This high jump in the number of active cases can overthrow the recovery rate. It has already slowed down in comparison, but it can further have a set back if this growth trend does not subside. Around 775 people have died due to the virus in the past 24-hours, taking the death toll to 34,968.

More than 66% cases in the past 24-hours have been reported from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The country has definitely ramped up its testing, as around 4.46 lakh samples were tested in India yesterday. The total number of samples tested till date stand near 1,81,90,382.

A Sero survey carried out in Maharashtra suggests that 60% of the people in slums have been exposed to the virus and have developed an anti-body for it. The herd immunity might be the reason for a sudden drop in the number of cases in the metropolitan and densely-packed states of India.

Delhi has been relatively doing better however, not completely out of the woods yet. The number of cases per day have significantly reduced. The recovery rate in the state is at an all-time high at nearly 90%. It is hoped that aggressive testing will help bring the cases down in every state, as what happened in Delhi. The weekly growth rate has also been brought down to lesser than 1 percent in the capital.

The world is struggling to free itself from the clutches of the virus, and the global cases have crossed 17 million, majority of which are from the United States. Followed by Brazil and India. A fear of a second wave is being witnessed in European and other Asian countries.

Good News : More than One Million Coronavirus Recoveries in India

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