Pankaja Munde to leave BJP?:Twitter Rumour

Pankaja Munde to leave BJP? Twitter exploded with the news that Pankaja Munde and Eknath Khadse would leave BJP if their careers are not taken care off in the next few months

The mystery deepened when Pankaja’s twitter bio had no mention of BJP anywhere

Who is Pankaja Munde? Is an ex-minister of the Fadnavis Government and daughter of late Gopinath Munde. She lost the recent assembly election to her cousin Dhananjai. In the past a variety of scams were blamed on her though none of them were proven.

Who is Eknath Khadse? Is a senior BJP leader and was a minister of the Fadnavis Government between 2014 and 2016. He resigned in 2016 due to a corruption scandal. None of the scandals led to a conviction.

Both of them see this as a vulnerable period for both the party and Fadnavis and are trying getting a good deal for themselves. Knowing how BJP operates, this may be easier said and done. Three reasons

  • Unlike BSY, neither of them are in a position to cause serious damage if they leave on their own
  • Given the large size of the BJP in the assembly, it is unlikely neither has the ability to split the party and move MLAs to the other side
  • Lastly, BJP as a party does not look too kindly to members threatening the party during vulnerable times so it is likely these are trial balloons that will be denied later

The only way BJP can split is ex Congress and NCP members resign from BJP and contest again. That is a high risk course of action that no member is likely to take at this moment. So it is highly unlikely that Pankaja Munde will leave BJP anytime soon.

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