PM Modi in Leh : What does this mean?

PM Modi in Leh : Amid the border standoff with China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Leh early on Friday, 03 July. He was accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat and Army Chief General MM Naravane. The visit comes as a complete surprise to everyone.

PM Narendra Modi’s government has been known for maintaining secrecy. Mainstream media which has always been a main source of information have completely failed to give any information regarding various issues even in the past. Be it demonetisation, be it launching surgical attacks on Pakistan or be it today’s Prime Minister’s visit to Leh, the media in country have had no information of any of these moves of PM Modi and government before the action is completed.

PM Modi in Leh

PM Modi in Leh : What is the importance of this Visit?

Since Galwan clash, both India and China have been trying to contain the matter through diplomatic channels. At the same time, both the countries have increased their military presence in the region. Today’s PM Modi’s visit to Leh carries an utmost importance.

  1. PM Modi’s visit to Leh sends a direct message to China that India’s leadership is standing strongly behind their defence forces.
  2. The chilled weather of Leh-Ladakh can break anyone. Therefore, Prime Minister’s visit comes as sign of morale booster of the forces defending the nation along LAC.
  3. Prime Minister’s sudden visit also asserts India’s commitment towards defending its borders. It clearly shows that India is no longer a nation that can be bullied by force. If any country tries to provoke India, its leadership is prepared enough to reply in similar language that it understands.

Prime Minister’s visit to Leh comes after a Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had called off his Laddakh visit. Both India and China are engaged in both military as well as diplomatic level talks to make sure that matter does not escalate. However, since the Galwan clash India has shown China that it will no longer accept its dominance in the region. India is trying to hurt China where it hurts the most, that is economically.

Since 1975, there has been no bullet fired between nation along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). However, the Galwan clash was something that was never expected. After more than 3 decades human life was lost along LAC. Both India and China suffered loss of lives of their defence forces. But one thing that must be noted that, though there was a military scuffle, bullets were yet not fired.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit along with Chief of Defence Staff and Army Chief comes as a total surprise for all. Modi has been known to stand by the defence forces at any hour of the day. He is known to have celebrated Diwali with Defence forces every year. Today’s visit comes as a confirmation that India is prepared to take any action against China and country’s leadership strongly stands by the forces.

Prime Minister Modi is expected to interact with the soldiers and also take stock of the situation along LAC. Sudden visit of Prime Minister Modi seems to have been planned yesterday when Defence Minister cancelled his visit to Laddakh. India has increased its troops and other supplies along LAC since the betrayal of June 15 by the Chinese soldiers. It is reported that the defence forces of both countries have agreed to phase-wise withdrawal. Amid such progress PM Modi in Leh is an assurance to the nation that leadership in Delhi will always stand with the forces.

PM Modi in Leh : What does this Mean?

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