PM Modi likely to announce India open for business

There is some Good news on the COVID-19 front

  1. Barring Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, most States appear to be showing some control in terms of New Cases
  2. Week on Week increase in Death rate has fallen to 16% from 81% last Monday. India’s death rate for a variety of reasons is 40% lower than Global average.
  3. India’s testing has increased significantly and we are currently carrying out about 80000 tests a day. This will go up even higher
  4. There is high degree of awareness around Masks and other care measures that need to be taken to stay safe
  5. The situation of the economy is not great and continuing to stay at home will wreck the economy hurting the poor and the vulnerable classes the most. Many of them are already hurt.

In other words, PM Modi may find merit in gradually allowing more businesses to start operating. Increase in Staff % allowed to come to work, Opening up Public Transport With Social distancing norms etc.

That said the PM is unlikely to announce a blanket ending of Lockdown either. There may still be some restrictions

  1. Red Zones and Containment Zones are likely to stay in a lockdown unless all cases have eliminated (Updated List likely tomorrow)
  2. Public gatherings, restaurants, Malls etc where large groups of people may be in close vicinity with each other are likely to continue to remain in Lockdown

The PM is likely to therefore announce an extension of lockdown but with a lot more freedom to do your business (unless it involves crowds) and to allow commute within and outside the city. India’s business will once again start to open, may be gradually.

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