PM Modi likely to ask Indians to be Cautious in Unlock-2

It is the end of another Lockdown today and PM Modi is addressing the Nation at 4 PM today.

What is the PM Modi likely to cover today?

Predicting the PM’s speeches is not an easy task but here are some predictions.

  • PM will thank everyone including healthcare workers for their support. It should not surprise anyone if the PM asks for a special activity to express support for healthcare workers
  • PM will take satisfaction with how India has performed so far both in terms of numbers and low count of deaths (versus other countries)
  • PM will outline at a broad level the plans for the next month and also expand a bit on the economy and work being done by the Government to support the poor and also businesses
  • Overall, he will ask Indians to remain cautious for another month or so as Coronavirus may peak in this period

These are relatively easier parts to predict.

Will PM Modi Talk about China today?

Leaving aside surprises that are difficult to predict, one needs to see if the PM will talk about China. There is pressure on the Govt to take strong action on China (Recent CVoter Survey) .

Will PM Modi speak about China?

The app ban occurred last evening is one of the many steps that may be considered as actions against China. The PM will not want to keep reminding voters about this topic and increase pressure for more actions. The Government would like to do things as per their schedule rather than being under Chinese pressure.

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