Prediction Game Stats: Manchester vs Sheffield

Prediction Game Stats: Manchester vs Sheffield
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Winner and Second Place, Comparison

Total Predictions Attempted

Winner: 23 out of 32, 2nd: 25 out of 32

Accuracy Level

Winner: 69.6%, 2nd: 76%

Average price of Yes and Accurate

Winner: 23, 2nd: 25.6

Average price of Yes and Inaccurate

Winner: 20.6, 2nd: 16

Average Price of No and Accurate

Winner 63.6 (9 Predictions), 2nd: 36 (11 Predictions)

In most metrics, the second placed player outperformed the first placed player. However, the first placed player was able to beat the second placed player simply by exiting predictions at high levels. That alone contributed to a gap of about 176 points whereas the total gap was 99 points. Fascinating competition yesterday.

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