Priyanka Gandhi Evicted from Her Bungalow : Is it Advantage BJP or Congress?

Priyanka Gandhi Evicted From Her Bungalow : 35, Lodhi Estate, a bungalow where Priyanka Gandhi has been living since her marriage in 1997 is in news once again. This time because the Central government has severed a notice to the tenant of the bungalow to vacate it before 1st of August. Added to it she was also asked to pay the dues of Rs. 3,46,477 which she had accumulated. It is reported that Priyanka Gandhi made an online payment of the dues soon after the notice was served to her. It is also believed that she will be soon vacating the bungalow where she has been staying since 1997.

Priyanka Gandhi Evicted from Her Bungalow

Why the Government asked her to Vacate the Bunglow?

After the government served notice to Priyanka Gandhi to vacate the Government bungalow, Congress termed it to be a “Deep hatred and Vendetta”. However, let us try see if it was hatred and vendetta of BJP government or is BJP government right in asking Priyanka Gandhi to vacate the bungalow.

  1. A government bungalow is allotted to a government employee, an MP/MLA or someone who holds the constitutional position or to former Prime Minister/Presidents. Priyanka Gandhi does not match any of the following criteria.
  2. Gandhi family including Priyanka Gandhi was provided with SPG security long time ago. Therefore, she was entitled to inherit a government bungalow. However, in 2019 the SPG security of the Gandhi’s was withdrawn by the central government. In such case she stands ineligible to inherit the bungalow. It must be remembered that 35 Lodhi Estata is Type 6B bungalow which was allotted to Priyanka Gandhi in 1997 due to security reasons.
  3. Priyanka Gandhi is General Secretary of Congress, therefore her position does not entitle her to inherit a Government bungalow. In other words she is a common citizen and a common citizen cannot get a possession of Government bungalow unless he/she is a Government employee.

How Congress will try to use the Issue to Re-Launch Priyanka Gandhi?

Since 2014, Congress is in dire need of a mass leader. Congress tried re-launching Rahul Gandhi several times, however, failed. In Uttar Pradesh, the condition of Congress is worst. The party lacks organisation in the state. The state will be going in for election in 2022 and Congress has been trying to project Priyanka Gandhi as their leader in the state.

Recently, Priyanka Gandhi said that she is the granddaughter of Indira Gandhi and she is not scared of anyone. Even Congress believes her this criteria is enough to win Uttar Pradesh. Congress believes that the eviction of Priyanka Gandhi will act as a Belchi Moment for Congress in Uttar Pradesh. In 1977, when Indira Gandhi was out of power, she rode an elephant in Belchi in Bihar. She went there to meet the victims of dalit atrocities. This turned out to be a turning point for sinking political career of Indira Gandhi. Many believe that this one single incident helped Indira regain the power at the center once again.

Congress believes that this incident will turn the tables for Congress in Uttar Pradesh. In the meanwhile, it is for time to decide but at present Congress needs to think about the future course of actions for its survival.

Priyanka Gandhi Evicted from Her Bungalow :What Next?

After the notice was served to Priyanka Gandhi there has been rumors that she will be heading towards Uttar Pradesh and making it her next home. This is believed to be Congress’ move to project her as the face of Congress in Uttar Pradesh. However, Uttar Pradesh is very tough state. BJP under Yogi Adityanath has cemented its grip over the state politics. Therefore, to win Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi and Congress will have to break the political arithmetic of Yogi Adityanath’s politics.

Who gains With Priayanka Gandhi’s Entry in Uttar Pradesh Politics?

Since 2014, BJP has grown very strong in Uttar Pradesh. In 2017 assembly election, BJP swept the entire state leaving nothing for rest of the political parties in the state. In 2019, Lok Sabha election even after two rivals, BSP and SP coming together could do no harm to BJP in state. However, BJP knows that if such alliance including Congress is formed in Uttar Pradesh for 2022 Assembly election, it was be very much difficult for BJP to win the state. Therefore, BJP believes that projecting Priyanka Gandhi and Congress as their main opposition in state will benefit BJP and will keep the the two political parties BSP and SP away from forming any alliance with Congress in state.

Priyanka Gandhi Evicted from Her Bungalow : Is it Advantage BJP or Congress?

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