Rahul Gandhi was Right About Coronavirus in India but Centre Ignored

Rahul Gandhi may not have been taken seriously by the Indian government in past or in present. However, Rahul Gandhi has been bang on with his predictions related to Coronavirus in couple of occasion. However, on every occasion after his predictions came true, Rahul Gandhi and Congress did not miss any opportunity to target the government.

Here we share a timeline of Rahul Gandhi’s predictions regarding the Coronavirus spread in nation and how government ignored his warnings.

On February 12, when only few numbers of active COVID-19 cases were found in nation, Rahul Gandhi took to twitter to warn that Coronavirus is very dangerous, and government is not taking it seriously. Today it is more than 3 months since the warning of former Congress President, and entire nation is locked down for over 50 days now.

On March 3 after Rahul Gandhi returned from Italy and he tweeted a warning to Modi on the approaching pandemic: “There are moments in the life of every nation when its leaders are tested. A true leader would be completely focused on averting the massive crisis about to be unleashed by the virus on India and its economy.” According to Indian National Congress Rahul was in Italy for two weeks interacting with scientists, administrators and doctors to assess the impact of the virus and the possible ways to combat it. However, it must be noted that Italy after USA is one of the worst affected nation by COVID-19.

On April 13, Rahul Gandhi warned that foreign companies could take advantage of the economic instability arising out of economic lockdown and may take over the stressed companies amid economic lockdown. After few days, Government of India amended the FDI policy to check the opportunist takeover of Indian companies. Rahul Gandhi, took to media to thank government and taking his suggestion.

On April 16th Rahul Gandhi warned that Lockdown alone cannot defeat Cornavirus. His comment came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the lockdown for the first time and nation entered into Lockdown 2.0. He said that Lockdown was only going to pause the situation, what is needed to be done by the government is more testing. His words back then seem to have come true. Even after extending lockdown for 3 times India is unable to control the Coronavirus spread. On 17th of May India recorded highest daily cases that is over 5000 cases.

With India hitting new COVID-19 peaks and economy going down, may be the BJP should bring all parties together in combating this serious national threat.