Rajasthan Coronavirus Updates: Worst affected Districts

Rajasthan Coronavirus Update : The Coronavirus outbreak in Rajasthan has affected more than 56,000 people and the number of active cases in the region is more than 14,000. It is the 12th worst affected state in the country in terms of number of cases and considering the population of the state, these numbers are not too bad. Let’s take a look a closer look at some districts in Rajasthan to understand the situation better.

Rajasthan Coronavirus Update: Case Rate by District

Rajasthan has conducted testing of over 18 lakh people and is the sixth highest in the country in terms of testing. Their testing no. stands at 18,20,131 as of 12th August. The number of cases per million for the state stands at 734 – i.e. 734 people testing positive for the virus amongst a million in Rajasthan. As per the testing let’s see which districts are the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

8,414 Jodhpur

6,880 Jaipur

5,531 Alwar

3,292 Pali

3,251 Kota

Jodhpur which is one of the biggest cities in terms of trade is the most affected, closely followed by the capital Jaipur. Jodhpur also boasts of robust tourism industry, but it seems that travel and tourism will have to take a hit if we have put a lid on the cases. 

Rajasthan Coronavirus Update: Recovery Rate by District

 6,691 Jodhpur 

4,608 Jaipur

3,518 Alwar

2,824 Pali

2,560 Bharatpur

Rajasthan has one of the highest recovery rates in the country, their current recovery rate stands at 73.7% which is higher than the national average of 70.77%. This should be encouraging for the people of Rajasthan and also is an indicator of the efforts put in by the administration.

Rajasthan Coronavirus Update: Test Rate by District

For a state with a population of more than 7 crores, about 18 lakh people have been tested for the virus. Let’s see which districts have conducted the maximum testing.

 2,70,000 Jodhpur

2,00,000 Jaipur

1,20,000 Kota

87,300 Bikaner

78,500 Pali

As we can see Jodhpur has had the maximum testing done and this could be a reason for the high nos. of cases being detected in the city. At present, the Rajasthan administration is testing 23,557.3 per million. 

Rajasthan Coronavirus Update: Deaths by District

Rajasthan stands in 10th place, in terms of number of deaths due to Coronavirus. The total number of death in the sates is currently less than a thousand, with 811 deaths reported so far. Let’s take a look at the district worst hit by deaths in Rajasthan.

223 Jaipur

87 Jodhpur

60 Bharatpur

55 Ajmer

53 Kota

Despite having the most number of cases, Jodhpur is second in the number of deaths at 87, behind capital Jaipur. The fatality rate in the state is at 1.5% and although no number is less in this stats, Rajasthan is doing better than most other states in this aspect. 

With an average growth rate of 2.5% in terms of infection per day, Rajasthan should be careful before they open up their borders resume normal business.

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