Rajiv Gandhi Foundation : BJP, Congress and “Citizens” the Ultimate Losers

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, established in 21st June 1991 is a charitable institution. Now who is Rajiv Gandhi ? Rajiv Gandhi is the former Prime Minister of India, father of Rahul Gandhi and son of former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

What is the purpose of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation?

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation foundation works on a range of issues including literacy, health, disability, empowerment of the underprivileged, livelihoods and natural resource management. From providing education to marginalized girl child to helping in rehabilitation of street children, Rajiv Gandhi foundation is involved in several Social Works for the upliftment of of the society.

The Foundation, in collaboration with Cambridge Commonwealth Trust offers two scholarships for Indian students to pursue master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. Since 1993, the Foundation has set up 1648 libraries in villages and slums across 22 states in India. Source: Wikipedia

What is the controversy surrounding Rajiv Gandhi Foundation?

In 1991, the then Finance Minister and former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh made an attempt to sanction Rs 100 Crore for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation out of budget meant for Indian Citizens.

However, this is not the controversy that is being highlighted. The current India-China face-off gave Congress to a weapon to target Modi government day in and day out. But suddenly a media report bought a some sort silence on the attacks Congress towards. Times Now, a leading English News Channel in India came up with a breaking news that China made a donation to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. BJP too took up with some proofs that China made donations to RGF during UPA 1 rule in 2005-09. However, Congress hit back at BJP and asked it to stop living in 2005.

On Friday, 26th June, BJP National President JP Nadda came up with other acquisition, this time a much bigger one. Mr Nadda slammed Congress for diverting Prime Minister National Relief Funds to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. One should remember, the funds from PMNRF receives money from “Citizens” and organisations and the funds are deployed as relief to those affected by natural and man-made disasters. Recently, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government created a new Relief Fund “PM Cares” to fight against COVID-19, Congress leaders from its President to a normal Congress voter questioned its creation. They accused that PM Cares was going to become a source of corruption and there was no need of it because PMNRF already existed.

Who benefits and who Gains out of this Controversy?

BJP and Congress are busy accusing each other with respect to recent India-China conflict. With new controversies related to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, BJP seems to have control of the situation. But in all this controversy what are the common citizens getting? Be it the fund donated to PMNRF or PM Cares, it is all donated by citizens and organisations with a hope that these funds will be utilised by the Government at the time of Natural or any calamities that may hit nation. However, the ruling and opposition party of India and busy in defining their political goals and in between citizens are being sandwiched.

We are watching, yes, we are watching what you are doing. We know what is right and what is wrong but we have least option. When it comes to choosing between bad and worst, it is better to chose latter. However, at a time when citizens need support of every political leader be it ruling or opposition, engaging in scoring political goals will definitely create a sense of hatred among citizens for its leaders. Yes, at the end it is citizens who are ultimate losers.

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