Raman, KCR Above Average, Shivraj Average, Vasundhara Below Average

Per Capita Income growth is one of the most important criteria for CM performance. If your citizens aren’t making money, the quality of life is likely to be poor, the government will have lesser money as taxes and this gets into a vicious loop. Let us see how the 4 CMs have performed during their Tenures

Raman Singh

Under his tenure, his State was the 4th best performing State (Per Capita GDP growth, 2003-17) out of 17 States with more than 10 million Pop (excl Assam and Bengal). His Worst performance was 10th during the last 5 years and best was 5th during 2008 and 2013. Overall, a healthy performance though deterioratiated a bit. In his best period, Raman Singh has outperformed the average by 5%

Overall, Raman Singh has been an above average performer

Shivraj Singh

Under his tenure, his State was the 13th ranked State (Per Capita GDP growth, 2005-17) out of 16 States with more than 10 million Pop (excl Assam and Bengal). His Worst performance was 16th (out of 17th) during the first 3 years and best was 7th during the last 5 years. However, the overall rank is bad because, Shivraj Singh’s performance tends to always be around average. In his best year, he has outperformed the average by just 1%

Overall, Shivraj has been an average performer

Vasundhara Raje

She was CM in two terms, 2003 and 2008 and 2013 and 2018. In her first tenure, Rajasthan was ranked 11th at the end of those 5 years (Out of 16 States). It underperformed the average by 2%.

In her second term from 2013 to 2018 (we have data until 2017 for all states, Rajasthan was ranked 12th (out of 17 States). Again, performance was below average by 2%

Overall, Vasundhara has been a below average performer. Ironically, Gehlot’s term of 2008-2013 is one of the best terms ever for any CM (13% outperformance)


KCR has been a single term performer. Under him the State is ranked 5th with an above average performance of 2%. He is likely to get the benefit of the doubt because he has been CM for the shortest time and the State has done well.

Overall, you could say he is an above average performer

Overall Ratings

Above Average – Raman Singh, KCR

Average – Shivraj Chouhan

Below Average – Vasundhara

Now look at the opinion polls, Raman and KCR are in most comfortable position and Vasundhara is in the worst. Shivraj is struggling in the middle. Public is smart. They know everything!

All data is from the RBI. Visit our data summary page here