Good News : Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine by 10th August

Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine : The Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology may be launched by 10th to 12th August. As per Russian News Agency TASS, Russia is planning to register their coronavirus vaccine as soon as 10 August to 12 August. Russia aims to launch the vaccine for civilian use within three to seven days of registration of the vaccine.

Earlier this month Russia claimed that it had completed the human trails of its vaccine candidate being developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund. However, as per some reports, the vaccine is still in 2nd phase and Russia is planning to complete the Phase II of vaccine trial early and make the vaccine available for citizens while continuing Phase III of the trials.

The effectiveness of the vaccine will be determined once the vaccine comes in use by the common citizens. WHO have warned on several occasions against releasing a vaccine in haste. A vaccine candidate to be approved for use usually take five phases starting from Preclinical Phase. Once the vaccine passes the preclinical phase, it undergoes three phases of human trial which usually takes months to complete. After the vaccine candidate clears all the Human Trial phase it goes into last phase where it is approved for the use by the general public.

As per New York Times, at present there are more than 165 vaccine candidates around the world. Out of them, 140+ vaccines are still in preclinical phase. 18 are in Phase I and 12 are in Phase II. Six vaccine candidates are now in Phase III while one vaccine candidate have already been approved but for limited use. The vaccine that has been approved is a vaccine developed by Chinese company CanSinoBIO. It has been approved for military use only.

Russia's Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia also plans to produce 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for domestic purposes and 170 million doses for international purposes, this year. 

Good News : Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine by 10th August

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