Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine : Will it help World free itself form Coronavirus?

Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine : Russia launched a coronavirus vaccine named ‘Sputnik V’. The production of the vaccine will most likely be started soon, as Russia claims to have conducted the two trial phases successfully. The vaccine has gotten approval without the third phase trial. It is due to this reason that experts are skeptical regarding the safety of the vaccine, and the protection it offers. Adding to the skepticism, German Health Minister has also warned about the safety and reliability offered by the vaccine. He believes that the whole project was rushed and not checked for safety as it should have been.

Reportedly, Vladimir Putin’s daughter has received a dose of the vaccine, and she is in a stable condition as of now. He has ensured that the vaccine is completely safe, and offers immunity from the virus. A mass vaccine drive will also begin in the country later this year. The country has been given a one billion dose order by other foreign nations. However, Russia does not have a huge production facility, and it might be a challenge for them to produce and distribute the vaccine outside of Russia.

This vaccine has been developed by Gamaleya Institute, Moscow. Phase III trials, many people are doubting the vaccine. The vaccine will be given to people who are at high-risk of contracting the virus.


For the vaccine to be distributed in India, the country will have to conduct phase II and phase III trials here to understand the response of the Indian population to the vaccine. Its safety and immunity will first have to be tested on the Indian population before it can be given a green signal.

As of now, India is conducting trials for the Oxford Vaccine candidate. This is being done by the serum institute. Success in these two phases will enable the usage of this vaccine in India.


There are as many as of 165 vaccine candidates around the world which are in the process of development. 135 of them are in the preclinical trial phase, 19 are undergoing phase I trials, 11 are in the phase II trial, 8 are in the phase III trials, and 2 have been given approval.

India’s Zydus Cadila has successfully undergone the first trial phase. Moderna is in its third trial phase as of now. Around 30,000 volunteers will be given a dose in the final phase trials of the vaccine candidate.

Oxford’s vaccine candidate is undergoing combined phase I and II trials. The production capacity of the vaccine is 2 bilion, if it gets approval.

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