Sachin Pilot Sacked: What are his options now?

Sachin Pilot Sacked: Rajasthan Deputy CM and one of the more talented politicians in the Congress party, Sachin Pilot was sacked from his posts in the party. This is after his bitter feud with CM Ashok Gehlot. It confirms our analysis this morning that his end in Congress was near.

Sachin Pilot Sacked: What are his options now?

Mr. Pilot has three options and all are very difficult ones. This itself suggests that he seemed to be unprepared for what was likely to happen.

a. Join the BJP and settle for a ministry in the Centre

b. Make an attempt to pull more MLAs from the Congress and create a regional party

c. Resign with his supporting MLAs en masse and try to get as many elected as possible in his regional party in by elections

Rajasthan Crisis: Congress Bailout Offer To Sachin Pilot Includes ...

His safest bet is to choose option (a) but then all the battle with Ashok Gehlot would have been futile. So his only option is to form a regional party either by splitting more MLAs from Congress or resigning en mass and try to get as many elected as possible to his new party

As of now, Sachin Pilot will choose option (b) which is to try pulling a few more MLAs and trying to form a new party. This is not an easy affair as Ashok Gehlot will expel a few MLAs as well complicating further defections.

Sachin Pilot Sacked: BJP’s likely Moves

The BJP is unlikely to get too involved even now waiting for the right opportunities. They will want to negotiate with Sachin Pilot when he has very limited options. And their most preferred option would be for Pilot to Join the BJP.

The battle between Gehlot and Pilot was always headed in a different direction than Madhya Pradesh as far as the path of Sachin Pilot is concerned. That is why right from day 1 we have been saying Sachin Pilot is headed the regional party way though Rajasthan has a poor track for regional parties. He is also far more ambitious than Scindia reducing his probability of moving to the BJP without a good deal.

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