Sad State of Delhi : Who is to be Blamed?

Delhi is on its way to become the corona capital of the country. The coronavirus growth rate of the state is increasing every day. Around 5,900 samples were tested on Friday, 12th June, out of which 2136 tested positive. The state’s total coronavirus count is nearing the 36k mark. Out of these, 13,398 people have been discharged, and over a thousand have died. The number of containment zones has increased to 222 in the country’s capital.

Despite this huge surge, malls and shops have been reopened and many relaxations have been put in place. The government has also made it clear that the Lockdown will not be extended in Delhi.

Many have criticized Arvind Kejriwal’s poor management while handling the coronavirus crisis in the state. Gautam Gambhir too has been vocal about Kejriwal’s mismanagement.

Gautam Gambhir tweeted, “Ad campaigns have failed! Centre, neighbouring States, Hospitals, Testing, Apps have been blamed!
Next SC will be blamed. Step out only if needed because CM will not take responsibility!”
Gautam Gambhir expressed his dissent towards the government’s decision regarding the reopening of malls, restaurants, etc.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, predicted that the number of coronavirus cases in the state will cross over 5.5 lakh by July end, and the healthcare system is not strong enough to take the load. The condition of the state is grim and abject. The government is also being blamed for lying about the number of coronavirus cases, and the number of deaths.

Following this heavy criticism of Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal negated many of AAP’s decisions and cancelled his rule of reserving Delhi hospitals for Delhi residents. The testing of asymptomatic people will also be done, as opposed to Kejriwal’s decision to only test symptomatic people.

Kejriwal said, “It is a huge and unprecedented challenge. By July 15 Delhi will need 33,000 beds, and if we include those seeking treatment from outside the city, we will need 65,000. By July 31, we will need a total of 1.5 lakh beds. I will get started on this and go to stadiums, banquet halls and hotels to make arrangements. We will try everything, do whatever we can to ensure enough hospital beds in Delhi.”.

Delhi is third most affected state/UT after Maharashtra with Coronavirus. Supreme Court on Monday regarded the situation of Delhi to be horrendous. Delhi is in fact sitting on a ticking time bomb of Coronavirus which has now exploded. Political parties have their political goals to be scored, common people are the ones who suffer. Delhi was already battling the bad air quality situation and now Coronavirus has simply exposed the weakened foundation of Delhi which can collapse anytime