Shambhuraj Shivajirao Desai, MLA, Patan, Maharashtra : Achievements

Shambhuraj Shivajirao Desai, MLA, Patan, Maharashtra : Achievements
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Shambhuraj Shivajirao Desai

Member of Legislative Assembly

Patan (Satara), Maharashtra

Shiv Sena


Achievement Profile of MLa

MLA Shambhuraj Desai taking inititaive for disaster management during the torrential rains and water discharged from the Koyna dam.


Appeal to give maximum amount of sugarcane to the farmers in the state of Maharashtra .


A review of the leakage of the Tarli dam by MLA Shambhuraj Desai. The dam is safe but the leakage work to be completedc as soon as the monsoon is over. Instructed the Chief Engineer and Superintending Engineer from the dam site.


Two crore tree plantations implemented by the state government were initiated in Patan constituency at Urul Ta Patan and immediately a meeting of disaster management was held at Patan Tahsil office under his chairmanship.


Improve the definition of earthquake certification and provide certification to families in need. MLA Shambhuraj Desai demands reform of government decision.


Procured Rs 1.5 crore as a special case for the hill power development plan in Patan constituency.


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