Casualty of Coronavirus : No Lalbaugcha Raja This Time

Casualty of Coronavirus : Mumbai a city of hope, a city of dreams is famously known for it Ganesh Mahotsav. The city has been blessed by Ganesha who comes every year during the month of September and stays in the city for around 11 days. Ganesh Mahotsav provides an added soul to already soulful Mumbai. However, this year Bappa “Ganesha” will have to settle for no grand functions. Our religious festivities have also become a casualty of Coronavirus.

Lalbaugcha Raja or King of Lalbaug is the most popular and most visited Ganesh idols in Mumbai. Every year, millions of devotees, including celebrities to politicians make their visit to the pandal of Lalbaughcha Raja to get blessings of the deity. Last year, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah visited the pandal to seek blessing of Bappa before Maharashtra Asssembly election.

Casualty of Coronavirus

This year Lalbaugcha Raja Ganeshotsav Mandal has decided not to hold any festivity on Ganesh Chaturthi due to COVID-19. For the first time in 86 years, Lord Ganesh will not be seen in Mumbai’s famous Lalbaugh. Not just Lalbughacha Raja Ganeshotsav Mandal but several other famous Pandals of Mumbai have decided not to hold the celebration this year. Most the pandals have shifted the celebrations to February 2021 during Magh Chaturthi. However, Lalbaugcha Raja Ganeshotsav Mandal have completely cancelled the festival celebration upto September 2021.

What Else Became Casualty of Coronavirus?

The pandemic crisis has put a halt to our daily normal life routine. It has cast a gloomy shadow over the normal mundane life. People have been craving for normalcy ever since. Events, religious processions, gatherings, all have been banned for a while to curb the prevailing rise in the number of coronavirus cases. The sudden halt in daily life has been overwhelming and difficult for many.

Schools, colleges, metro rail services, cinema halls, Gymnasiums, theaters, have all been shut down for months now. All religious, political, social gatherings have also been banned. The new normal has been set in motion to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Recently, the Rath Yatra which is always a big annual celebration in India saw a major change in its procession. A limit was set to prevent over crowding and spread of the virus. This too happened after people filed a petition against the 18th June ruling of Supreme Court that ordered a stay of the Rath Yatra this year.

The coronavirus pandemic is also responsible for the postponement of the IPL, which was to commence from 29 March.

Schools and colleges have shifted to an online mode of teaching. Offices have mostly continued with their work from home policy.

The women’s open golf tournament and Thane Mayor marathon have also been cancelled.

Not only tournaments and festivities, many surgeries which were scheduled have also been postponed and most of them cancelled, as the health department has been overburdened due to the coronavirus cases.

The new normal seems overwhelming, but it is imperative that people understand and adapt.The number of cases in the country stands at 5.8 lakh. It will be a huge task to be able to resume life as it were, but proper efforts by everyone can make this happen quicker.

How is Lalbaugcha Raja Ganeshotsav Mandal Compensating the Loss of Celebration?

In place of the Ganesh Mahotsav, a blood and plasma donation camp will be set up to help those infected with the virus. This is a great step taken by the Mandal, as real service to Bappa does not just mean Grandeur festivities, but also acts of kindness and a pay back to the society. The condition of Maharashtra is dire, and is under another lockdown. Cancelling the Mahotsav, and organizing a donation camp is a great show of their devotional proclivity.

As the saying goes “Ganapati Bappa Morya, Agle Barash Tu Jaldi Aa”, we hope Ganesha will be back to Mumbai with Grand celebration next year. Mumbai will miss Ganesha this year but Ganesha will bless the city and give immense power to city to fight against the virus, Coronvirus.

Shattered : No Lalbaugcha Raja This Time – A Casualty of Coronavirus

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