Shocking : Community Spread in Telangana, admits Telangana Health Authorities

Community Spread in Telangana : Telangana with a population with just over 3.72 crores have reported just over 50,000 cases as of now. The Telangana government has been criticized by the opposition and media for hiding the number of cases and conducting lesser number of tests in order to keep the number of reported cases lower. However, on Thursday, 23rd July Health authorities in Telangana have issued a warning saying COVID-19 had entered the community transmission stage in State. This comes at a time when Central government clarified that there is no community spread in India as of now.

How do we know about Community Spread in Telangana?

Director of health services G. Srinivasa Rao on Thursday issued a statement in press. He said, “The virus is in the community and all of us are doing our best to contain it. The state government is pulling out all stops to prevent the virus from spreading. The general public must be very cautious in the next four to five weeks. Masks, handwashing and physical distancing in every aspect of life is mandatory.” This statement was enough indication of community spread in Telangana.

On Thursday the total number of cases in Telangana touched 50K mark. With nine new deaths reported, the total number of deaths in state due to Coronavirus reached 438. However, the good news from Telangana is that, the state has very high recovery rate. As of now the recovery rate in Telangana stands are 77.38%. Over 39,000 Coronavirus infected patients have recovered so far in state. As of now the number of active cases in state stands at 11,052.

Recently the Indian Medical Association (IMA) stated that the community spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus has started. Dr. V K Monga, who is the Chairman of IMA Hospital Board of India stated that there is an exponential increase in daily number of cases. Everyday the cases are touching 30,000 mark. He said that since the cases now have touched the rural areas, there is a state of community transmission of Coronavirus in India.

However, on July 22nd the central government clarified that there was no community spread in nation. As per them, community spread can be defined as a stage when it is impossible to trace the chain of transmission, impossible to tell who gave the infection to whom. It must be noted that Government of India since the very beginning have denied that there is any sort of community transmission in country. Now daily number of cases have just touched 50K, Indian government is still in denial mode.

In last 24 hours, Telangana has reported 1524 Coronavirus positive cases. The state has conducted just over 13,000 sample test on Thursday. It becomes utmost important for the state government to increase the number of sample tests. Initially the cases may rise but in few days or a week the spread of virus can checked.

Shocking : Community Spread in Telangana, admits Telangana Health Authorities

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