Shocking : Coronavirus is Airborne, Could be transmitted in Air

Coronavirus is Airborne : Coronavirus, which has already led to the death of over 5,46,000 people around the world, may be airborne. The virus may have the properties which can help it to be transmitted in air and infect human. The properties and strains of novel coronavirus are still being studied and researched.

The novel coronavirus is completely new and different from the previous existing viruses; hence it is impossible to rule out its characteristics and properties all at once. Scientists and virologists all over the world have been researching on this novel coronavirus to come up with more information regarding its effect, spread and other such things.

Coronavirus is Airborne : What does the New Studies Confirm?

A new study made by scientists all over the world claims that the Novel coronavirus is in fact airborne, contrary to the previous issued claim that the tiny droplets once released sink down to the floor.

Early on during the initial stages of the pandemic, it was stated that the virus once released from the nose or mouth of the infected person in the form of tiny droplets, drops right to the ground, ruling out the possibility of it being airborne.

Dr. Poonam Khetarpal Singh, Regional Director of WHO Southeast Asia earlier stated that, “Based on the information received so far and on our experience with other coronaviruses, COVID-19 appears to mostly spread through respiratory droplets (for instance when a sick person coughs) and close contact. This is why the WHO recommends hands and respiratory hygiene,” this had ruled out the any possibility of the virus being airborne. Hence precautionary guidelines were issued by the WHO regarding social distancing, wearing masks.

What Happens if WHO Confirms ” Coronavirus is Airborne ” ?

If the WHO does confirm this claim of scientists, then new precautionary guidelines and methods will most likely be announced to control the spread of the virus.But recent studies by scientists show possibility of the virus being transmitted through air.

The WHO considered and acknowledged this claim of SARS-CoV-2 being airborne, after a group of scientists urged the WHO to modify its current guidance on the spread of the novel coronavirus between people. 239 scientists in 32 countries wrote an open letter stating the evidence of the airborne and aerosol transmission of the novel coronavirus in humans. They mentioned that on breathing, people can inhale the floating virus droplets and get infected. The open letter was then published in the Clinical Infectious diseases Journal on Monday.

Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO’s technical lead for infection prevention and control, in a news briefing on Tuesday said there was evidence emerging of airborne transmission of the coronavirus. However, nothing definitive has been said by the WHO yet, as they are still considering it as a possibility.

Coronavirus is Airborne : Why did the Scientists resort to Writing an Open Letter?

The scientists felt the need to publish the open letter since they felt unheard by the WHO. However, they have made it clear that this is not meant to target the WHO, but only debate upon the scientific facts concerning the novel coronavirus. The WHO then finally admitted of the possibility of the coronavirus being airborne, and that there is “evidence emerging” of it.

The United Nations’ specialized agency, which is responsible for international public health, stated that they will soon publish a scientific briefing, which will summarize the current knowledge they have regarding the transmission modes of the novel coronavirus.

If the claim of coronavirus being airborne is deemed to be true by the WHO, new guidelines will possibly be introduced, especially for healthcare workers and other essential workers. WHO has been accused of backing China and hiding the severity of Coronavirus initially. USA has officially sent a  letter of withdrawal of USA from WHO. Therefore, it is expected that WHO will not neglect this findings and act on it as soon as possible.

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