Shocking: Coronavirus Second Wave in China? Beijing Shut

Just as China was getting back on track after successfully dealing with the deadly grasp of the coronavirus, things don’t seem as bright in Asian  giant as fresh cases have started emerging in its Capital. As many as 75 cases were reported in Beijing, and all were linked to a wholesale food market. The outbreak has forced the government to impose a lockdown in the whole neighborhood, and mass test to prevent another Wuhan-like situation, from where the virus emerged last year.

The Xinfadi market has caused major concern regarding a possible second wave of infections in the country, as not everyone is immune to the virus. China reported 49 cases on Monday, out of which 36 were from Beijing. Not only the Xinfadi market, but the Yuquandong wholesale market too reported fresh cases in the capital. 

As a measure to control the outbreak, neighboring schools and markets have been shut down, people living close to the markets were asked for home-quarantine to avoid spreading the virus in the capital.

Beijing will now trace every person who might have come across the market, the neighboring place in order to stop mass transmission. Anyone who has visited the market in the recent past or work there will be tested. People have been advised to not to travel to Beijing.

China has around 177 active cases in the country, and two critically-ill patients. Earlier in May when worries regarding a second wave of infections surrounded the Asian Country, the number of active cases was 86, and many cities were put under lockdown as there were fears regarding China becoming an epicenter again.

The main reason for this new outbreak being a matter of concern is the number of asymptomatic people who do not show any symptom, such as fever, dry cough, but can spread the virus easily.  The number of cases in China is gradually increasing, as in the first few weeks of May, as many as 40 cases were reported.

“The majority of Chinese at the moment are still susceptible to COVID-19 infection because (of) a lack of immunity. We are facing (a) big challenge, it’s not better than the foreign countries I think at the moment.”, said Zhong Nanshan, who is the Chinese government’s senior medical adviser.

The increasing number of cases has also dented the economy as shares in Hong Kong went down by 0.8%. Investors are skeptical while making investments due to this surge. The economy is still struggling, as even after reporting a surge of 4.4% in Country’s industrial output.

World-wide the number of cases is almost reaching the 8 million mark. India alone is witnessing a major surge in the number of cases. The need of the hour is a vaccine which will help the world restart and function normally and make up for the loss it suffered due to the pandemic, such as economic meltdown, unemployment, overburdened health care system, etc. The fight against virus has become common goal of every country in the world despite differences. We can hope things may change in few months and life can return to normality to some extent.

PC: Khaleej Times

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