Shocking: Over 1 Lakh Cases in 11 Days of June, India in Huge COVID Trouble

India registered over 1 lakh cases in first 11 days of June. On 31st May there were around 1,90,000 cases which is now near close to 3 lakhs. The unlocking phase of the country which was brought in to boost the economy, has led to major spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the country. The reopening of malls, restaurants, markets, places of worship accounted to widespread transmission of the virus.

India has left the UK behind, and is now the fourth worst-hit country by Coronavirus. Nearing the three-lakh mark, a huge surge in the number of coronavirus cases is being witnessed in the country on a daily basis. For a week now India has been reporting nearly ten thousand cases per day. It was not too long ago when the maximum number of cases every day was around 4-5 thousand. India is experiencing  huge surge in the coronavirus cases in the month of June.

Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu have reported the maximum number of cases in the country. Maharashtra alone accounts for over one-third of the total coronavirus cases in the country. Delhi too has been reporting a very high number of cases every day, and will soon reach the 34,000 mark. Tamil Nadu, on the other hand has been reporting both maximum number of cases along with fatalities.

The sky-high numbers of cases in Delhi has led to the trending of the hashtag #RelockDelhi on Twitter. People have been tweeting and requesting CM Arvind Kejriwal to impose a lockdown in the state again. The relaxations and easing of the lockdown have only led to mass spreading of the virus. Movement allowed in red zones, and other activities have become a threat to the well-being of every citizen.

This exponential growth of cases in June was predicted, considering the relaxations made in the lockdown. It was not even a month ago when India was the tenth worst-hit coronavirus country. Every other day the country is going up on the list of most affected countries in the World. Delhi’s one-third cases were reported in this past week.

The recovery rate in India stands at 49.2%, and the number of recovered patients is greater than the number of active cases in the Country at present.

With cases rising daily and the state governments being helpless to control the deteriorating situation, the complete unlocking of nation may be far away from our expectation. With around 2,97,500 cases in the country already, three-lakh mark is not far away considering the growth rate. With nation yet to reach its peak, the hope of returning of life to normality is a mere dream.