Sukhvinder Sheoran, MLA, Badhra, Haryana : Achievements

Sukhvinder Sheoran, MLA, Badhra, Haryana : Achievements

Sukhvinder Sheoran

Member of Legislative Assembly

Badhra, Haryana

Bhartiya Janata Party


Achievements of Sukhvinder Sheoran as MLA

Sukhvinder Sheoran is the yougest MLA in 13th House of Haryana Assembly. His achievements are:

  1. Started direct bus service from Charkhi Dadri to Haridwar. The bus service was started on 11th July. The inauguration was done by the Roadways GM Dhanraj Kundu and MLA Sukhvinder Sheoran.
  2. Inaugurated a bus stand in Jhoju Kala a village in his constituency. The inauguration was done on 6th Novemeber 2018
  3. On 1st November 2018, inaugurated Maharanapratap Park and Vayamshala. It was inaugurated in Sawar village. This village falls under Badhra constituency.
  4. Gave an amount of 50000 to the youths of Tikan Kala village. The amount was given as per promise made In order to promote the sports in this village.
  5. Worked for extending the bus route to village Baghot. There was no direct bus to Baghot, due to which the female students travelling to College in Dadri faced lots of problem. After a request from the MLA Sukhvinder Sheoran, the bus running upto Chiriya village was extended upto the village Baghot.
  6. Laid the foundation stone of Dharmashala in Charkhi Dadri. This Dharmashala will be used by the Brhaman Khap 19 for social work. Foundation stone was laid by the MLA on 8th September 2018. 

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