Supriya Sule, MP, Baramati : Achievements

Supriya Sule, MP, Baramati : Achievements

Supriya Sule

Member of Parliament

Baramati, Maharashtra


  1. To improve the quality of primary education in Maharashtra, Supriya Sule is driving Education Program with support of Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Mumbai and various education institutes.
  2. In the field of environment conservation, Vasundhara Environment Conservation program serves as a platform for environmental conservation and education.
  3. Supriya Sule has also taken an initiative in the field of road safety, road accident, injury prevention and control.
  4. To ensure that farmers get an appropriate price for their produce and also people get farm fresh fruits and vegetables, Supriya Sule has started “Athawadi Bazar”
  5. Along with the Handicapped Rights and Welfare Association, Supriya Sule has come out with the unique concept of Mobile Disability Rehabilitation Van which can provide all kinds of artificial aids like Jaipur foot, Jaipur hand, Three wheeled cycles, Crutches, Hearing Aids, Brail Kit etc to people from the rural and tribal areas who have neither the access to medical centers providing such facilities nor the monetary power to afford these aids on their own.
  6. Career Guidance Program for students is another project which has been conceptualised by Mrs. Supriya Sule. She has always endeavored to promote this cause especially in the rural and tribal areas where there is very little awareness of the various career options available these days. Friends Union for Energising Lives (F.U.E.L) is an NGO of like-minded youths who have decided to dedicate their efforts to VISION 2020 and help India represent the world in technological, social and human growth development.
  7. Apang Hakk Vikas Manch is one more initiative started by Supriya Sule. It is a platform created to combat the problems of the disabled people.
  8. For the transgenders right, Supriya Sule has started an initiative ‘Transgender rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Transgender Rights.’


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