Sushant Singh Rajput Death Timeline : What Happened between 10AM – 1PM, 14th June

Sushant Singh Rajput Death Timeline : On 14th June around 1 pm in the afternoon, news started circulating that Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment. According to reports he was found hanging in his apartment, and his body was first discovered by his cook. Let’s see what we know of his final hours leading to his death.

He lived in a duplex flat on the sixth floor of Mount Blanc Apartments, Joggers Park, Bandra West in Mumbai. He lived with three house helps, that included 2 cooks and a housekeeper.

Sushant Singh Rajput Death Timeline : What Happened between 10AM – 1PM, 14th June

Neeraj, the cook, who was working with Sushant for the past one and half years, was one of the few people who were in the house when the body was discovered and he had this to say;

According to him, at around 9:30 am Sushant briefly spoke to his sister,  at around 10 am he asked for his breakfast, some juice and coconut water. Post that he went to his room and locked his door and stayed inside the room The cook mentioned that he usually never locks the door but on that fateful day he did. The staff later knocked on his door to ask what he wants for lunch, but when he didn’t answer they decided not to disturb him. Then when Sushant continued to not answer the door, the cook became worried and called Sushnat’s friend Siddharth Pithani.

Siddharth Pithani arrived at the house. Siddharth Pithani then called Sushant’s sister Mitu Singh to inform that Sushant wasn’t opening the door. They tried to find the key to Sushant’s room but were unsuccessful. He later called a key maker to open the door, but once that was not successful, he called the police helpline number, 108. The locksmith came after and they opened the door and asked the locksmith to leave. It must be noted that at the moment along with Siddhart and Deepesh Sawant, who was Sushant’s manager was also present in Sushant’s house. At around 12:30 – 12:45, after he dialed the police, Siddharth broke open the door and found discovered Sushant’s dead body.

The police also revealed that Rajput tried to hang himself with the belt of a bathrobe, but it could not sustain his weight so he used a green kurta. They also said that due to the less distance between his bed and the ceiling fan, he had hanged himself in an inclined position.

Sushant Singh Rajput Death : What does the Ambulance Driver Say?

Now, let us see what the first responder, the ambulance driver has to say, according to the ambulance driver, the body was not hanging from the ceiling/fan and was already on the bed when they arrived. The ambulance driver along with two of his colleagues wrapped the body in a white cloth and brought the body downstairs to be taken for post mortem. He claims that Mumbai Police officials reached the spot before them and had clicked the photos of the body and uploaded it on Facebook. He later said that initially Sushant’s body was supposed to be taken to Nanavati hospital but instead they were later taken to Cooper hospital.

Allegedly Sushant had used his bedsheet to end his life and was wearing a black International Space University T-shirt. These were some of the statements of the first responders, which help us understand the last few hours of Sushant Singh Rajput before his untimely demise.

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