No Taiwan did not shoot down Chinese Jet

Taiwan shot down Chinese Jet : Social media has been full of claims of Taiwan downing China’s Sukhoi Su-35 fighter plane. However, there is no official confirmation from any of the two sides.

The relationship between China and Taiwan have strained a lot in recent days after USA’s involvement in Taiwan as claimed by China. However, if the reports about Taiwan shooting down the Chinese jet is true then the matter is sure to escalate.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, China has been facing pressure from all the sides. China is involved in confrontation not just with Taiwan but also with India, USA and many other nations in South China Sea.

Taiwan shot down Chinese Jet :

The report of “Taiwan Shot down Chinese Jet” was shared by several verified Indian Twitter handles.

Even video’s of the jet in flames have been shared by some of the Twitter handles.

However, Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China refuted the claims of Taiwan shooting down the Chinese Jet. This was confirmed by ANI through its twitter handle.

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