Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Cases Cross 4 Lakh Mark

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Cases : Coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu on Friday crossed 4 lakh mark. On 28th August, Tamil Nadu reported 5996 Coronavirus cases. Till date the total number of cases reported in Tamil Nadu have reached 4,09,238. Tamil Nadu is the 2nd worst affected state by Coronavirus after Maharashtra in India.

Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Cases

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Cases : Tests Carried out by Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has carried out 45,73,809 coronavirus sample tests till date. It is the 2nd highest number of Coronavirus sample tests conducted by any state after Uttar Pradesh which has conducted over 52 lakh sample test. For every 10 lakh people in Tamil Nadu, 60,424 samples have been tested till tested. With 4,09,238 cases, 5,406 out of every 10 lakh people in Tamil Nadu have tested positive for the virus.

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Cases : Last One Week Stats

In last one week Tamil Nadu has been consistently reported cases between 5500-6000 everyday. The average growth rate of cases in last one week has been 1.6%. In last one week, on 28th August most number of cases were reported in Tamil Nadu. 811 people have succumbed to virus since 21st August in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Cases : Active Cases

Despite reporting over 4 lakh cases, Tamil Nadu has just over 52,000 active cases. 3,49,682 cases of Coronavirus have already recovered in Tamil Nadu. As of now the recovery rate in Tamil Nadu stands at 85.4%. Chennai has the highest number of active cases in state that is 13,533 followed by Chenglapattu which has 2557 active number of cases.

In India Coronavirus recovery rate stands at 76%. Tamil Nadu has a better rate of recovery than the national average.

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Cases : National Stats

The coronavirus situation of India is alarming. India’s Covid-19 tally crossed 34 lakh with a single-day spike of 76,472 cases. What is more concerning is the daily number of deaths due to virus. On Friday for fourth consecutive day India reported more than 1,000 deaths. The Coronavirus fatality rate, though declined to 1.81% but the number of deaths reached 62,750 mark.

Globally India has the 4th most number of deaths reported due to coronavirus and if same pattern follows, it is expected to take over Mexico which has 3rd most number of COVID-19 death cases by 29th August. It must be remembered India is the 3rd most affected country due to Coronavirus after USA and Brazil.

India has the highest rate of recovery in the world. However, there is no sign of Coronavirus case curve flattening as of now. With developments made in the field of vaccine development, the world is hopeful that sooner the virus will be eradicated.

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

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