Madhya Pradesh Election , heading to hung Assembly

Madhya Pradesh Election ! Over the last 2 weeks, BJP increased its lead from just 3 seats to 12 Seats now. BJP momentum picked up soon after candidates were announced by both parties. In fact, this is was the only State other than Telangana that was seeing any momentum in the last 10 days.

See the latest prediction here, Rs 50000 for the winner and another Rs 50000 for those who come 2nd to 50th rank

Please read our article on candidate announcements here, November 3, 2018

As recently as November 13th, the trend was negative for the Congress party. Read this article here

However, Google Trends have been quite kind to the Congress party throughout this period. Here is the article

The latest prediction data for the last 4 days is quite interesting. We look at the latest 60 predictions

Latest 30 Predictions

BJP Leading: 18

Congress Leading: 12

BJP: 109, Congress: 97, Others: 24

This is a serious case of hung assembly if it comes true. 

2 days back

BJP Leading: 25

Congress Leading: 5

BJP: 122, Congress: 94, Others: 15

The really interesting change in trend is not that the Congress seems to be gaining but how much gains have been registered by ‘others’ over the last 2 days. Congress and ther party supporters have increased participation pushing up the levels for both Congress and others. What this seems to suggest (as we have seen in Karntaka) is that Congress supporters have come to terms with ticket allocation and now are once gaining in confidence about doing reasonably well in the election. It needs to be seen how long this sustains.

Madhya Pradesh election continue to flow in tremedous way and we all must enjoy this wonderful dance of democracy called elections.

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