Tiktok Banned : After India USA to ban Tiktok

Tiktok Banned : Amid growing tension between United States and China, US President Donald Trump is looking forward to ban Tiktok. As per CNN’s White House correspondent, Kaitlan Collins, President Trump announced this to reporters when he was boarding Air Force One. The tweet read,”President Trump announces to reporters on Air Force One that he’s banning TikTok.”

This move comes days after US took over the Chinese Consulate in Houston. In retaliatory move, China too ordered the closure of US Consulate operating in Chengdu. There are reports the tech giant Microsoft had shown interest in buying Tiktok’s US operations. Tiktok is operated by Chinese firm ByteDance. Since India’s move against Chinese app, Tiktok has been trying to de-associate itself from the Chinese firm, ByteDance.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in early July said that the US was planning action against TikTok because of the threat it poses to user privacy.

There are reports that US may ban Tiktok by Saturday. President Trump speaking to media said that he will be using an executive order to ban Tiktok in United States. The move of Donald Trump is sure to affect already deteriorated US-China relation.

Earlier India banned 59 Chinese Apps which included Tiktok, ShareIt, WeChat, Club Factory and many other apps. Soon after that India banned 47 other Chinese apps which served as a clone to the apps that were banned earlier. There are reports of Indian government listing around 250 Chinese apps which may be banned in future.

Tiktok Banned : After India USA to ban Tiktok

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