TN Covid District-wise: Reduced to just 19% active cases!

TN Covid District Wise: Tamil Nadu in the last 24 hours reported nearly 6000 cases. The state has the second highest number of reported coronavirus cases till date. With over 5880 cases and 119 deaths yesterday, the respective case and death tally of the state is 2,85,024 and 4690. There are 52759 active cases in the state. The recovery rate of the state is incredibly high, at 79.8%. As many as 227,575 people have recovered from the infection in the state, as only 18.5% of the cases are active. This is an incredibly impressive recovery rate if we compare it with that of other states. The cases in Tamil Nadu this week grew by 2.3%.

The fatality rate of the state is also below 2%. With a 1.6% fatality rate, the state has registered 4690 deaths due to the coronavirus.

TN Covid: Case Rate by District

The state has a very high case per million count, which is 3,765. This could also be due to the fact that the state has conducted the maximum number of tests in the country. Tamil Nadu till date has tested over 30,88,066 samples., a rate of 40,796 per million. This is the highest in the country.

The districts which have the maximum number of active cases in Tamil Nadu are-

11,609- Chennai

3,344- Thiruvallur

2,758- Theni

2,692- Kancheepuram

2,629- Chengalpattu

The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, has the maximum number of active coronavirus cases. Chennai was once a hot spot, but like other metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Chennai is also treading the road to recovery. The state reported less than 1000 cases yesterday. Higher number of testing, contact tracing, and following all the government-issued guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus could have been the major reason for this decline in the number of cases in the district.

TN Covid: Recovery Rate by District

The districts with the maximum number of recoveries in Tamil Nadu are-

93,231- Chennai

14,306- Chengalpattu

12,602- Thiruvallur

9,733- Madurai

8,340- Kancheepuram

While Chennai had reported the majority of the cases in the state, the bright side to this is that the district also has reported the most recoveries, indicating that the state has a high recovery rate.

TN Covid: Test Rate by District

The districts which conducted the most tests in the state are-

Chennai- 6,54,024

Coimbatore- 1,02,107

Madurai- 97,279

Tiruchirappalli- 92,586

These are the only 4 districts which have tested more than 90,000 samples in the state. The relatively lower number of tests in other districts could results in unreported cases which can be a problem for Tamil Nadu. Unreported cases sustain the daily count and also result in more deaths due to late hospital interventions.

TN Covid District-wise: Reduced to just 19% active cases!

TN Covid: Deaths by District

The districts with the maximum number of deaths due to coronavirus in Tamil Nadu are-

2,269- Chennai

292- Chengalpattu

278- Madurai

274- Thiruvallur

142- Kancheepuram

As is evident from the above list, Chennai has reported a majority of the deaths in the state. Tamil Nadu till date has reported around 4690 deaths, and 2269 are from Chennai, that is around 50% of the total deaths that happened in the state due to the virus. Chennai’s death rate is exceedingly high. But as of late, the state has been reporting fewer deaths and cases. It is hoped that this trend continues.

TN Covid: Just 19% active cases!

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