TN Goes for Maximised Restricted Lockdown

TN Goes for Maximised Restricted Lockdown
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The Tamil Nadu Government announced a ‘maximised restricted lockdown’ from 19 to 30 June in four districts of the state and will cover areas of Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Tiruvallur districts

  • Allowed – Hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, ambulance and hearse vans to function. Shops for essential items will open from 6 am to 2 pm
  • Not Allowed – Movement of taxis, auto rickshaws, and other private vehicles

TN is therefore the first State to go ahead with an Intense Lockdown, something that CrowdWisdom360 recommended in April

The main issue with this kind of lockdown is that smaller houses and those living in slums will suffer much more than those living in larger houses. However, this is likely to control the rapid increase in COVID infected patients in Tamil Nadu. TN currently has 44661 Corona Cases having added nearly 15000 in the last 9 days!!!

It is likely that these measures will be considered by other cities too like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad to completely control Corona in India

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